Elizabeth Martin sat on one of the tables resting in the staff lounge of the "Parker Suites Hotel." She smiled as one of her friends did an imitation of the latest celebrity sent into rehab, a routine which ended with him lying on the floor pretending to cry hysterically.

"Do you think he'll realize one day that the bit gets old after the first 15 times?" Elizabeth asked her friend Polly.

"He lives in a fantasy world where he's cool, lets not spoil it for him," Polly replied before expertly sinking three balls into the pool tables pouches.

Elizabeth was a personal assistant at Parker Suites, Polly was a maid there. In their town it was the ideal place to work, unless you actually did work there.

"So when do you get your latest nut job?" Polly asked.

Elizabeth took a sip from her beer bottle, "About three hours ago, she was late checking in." This was the usual treatment she got from her employers. Whenever someone rich would come to stay at the hotel, one of the personal assistants would follow him or her around catering to their every whim. "Some times I don't know why I put up with the job."

"Well at least you get to wear jeans and a t-shirt with your job; I have to wear a uniform. I get so tired when I knock on the door and a man answers thinking I'm a complimentary hooker," Polly spat.

Elizabeth glanced down at her white t-shirt with a small Parker Suites logo and her own pair of designer jeans. She understood how Polly felt; wearing a maid uniform would be an annoyance.

Checking her watch Elizabeth silently fumed. "Shit, look I got to get going, I'm late meeting the guys down at the docks."

"Hey everyone," a male voice called from the large window. "Looks like someone got lost; this princess doesn't look belong here."

Several people crowded towards the window trying to catch a glimpse of 'the princess.' The staff lounge was actually located about a mile away from the actual hotel, and the journey up to it was a rough walk, especially for tourists who weren't experienced with the area.

The woman who had just walked into view looked disheveled, prissy, and furious. Her outfit had once been white, along with her designer shoes, one of which had lost a heel. She carried a trendy Louis Vuitton handbag and was wearing designer sunglasses. Her hair was blonde but covered in dirt and flying all over the place.

Fuming she walked up to the lounge and yanked open the door. Silently she stormed into the room, making as dramatic an entrance as she could, however the effect was ruined by the limp created by her now uneven shoes.

"Who is Elizabeth Martin?" she yelled. Everyone in the lounge turned to stare at her.

"That would be me," Elizabeth waved still sitting on the table and holding her beer. "I take it that you would be Nicola?"

"It's Miss Terpane to you," Nicola demanded. "You were assigned to be my personal assistant for the week I'm staying here, why weren't you at the hotel?"

"Miss Terpane you were supposed to check into the hotel at 2:30 this afternoon, you didn't show up, and my shift ended at five. If you check the brochure you will see that I only have to work for you from eight in the morning until five in the evening."

"How dare you speak to me that way?" Nicola huffed. "I will make sure to have you fired."

"Miss Terpane, I have worked with many rich and famous people in my work, and several people have made that threat. However I have never left this hotel because the owner is my father's best friend. You will NOT be able to fire me," Elizabeth recited the speech she had used several times over the years.

"Do you KNOW who I am?" Nicola screeched. "I bought you and I am staying at this hotel and I will GET what I WANT."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "I'll be happy to help you Miss Terpane… tomorrow when my shift begins, until then goodbye."

Silently Elizabeth walked around the stunned Nicola, grabbing her purse on the way, and headed out to her car. Smiling Elizabeth hopped into the car that her father had bought her for graduating high school.

Elizabeth didn't really need a job, after all her father was the best lawyer around for miles, but he had insisted that she start working in order to learn the value of a dollar. Naturally he had arranged for his only child to work at the most prestigious place in town.

The town of Clifton Lake was a very lovely, rich town. Several celebrities came to stay at the Parker Suites Hotel, which was famous for its amazing ocean view and fantastic boating.

Elizabeth's best friend, James Parker, was a boating instructor at the hotel, and he was the one that would inherit it if his parents should pass away. This of course had lead to James becoming extremely popular not just in Clifton Lake, but in Hollywood two. Several rumours had spread in high school that James was dating Natasha Rinchi, but these rumours were completely false.

Elizabeth had just started driving towards the docks when her cell phone rang.

"This is Ellie," Elizabeth greeted.

"Hey it's me," James said on the other line. "Where are you your shift ended like half an hour ago?"

"I got caught up, I should be there in like five seconds," she replied.

"Come on baby-blue get down here so we can party." That wasn't James; it was Scott, James' cousin. Scott looked at himself as a ladies man; after all he was charming, good-looking, rich, and intelligent. However Elizabeth never seemed interested in him, so he had made it his mission to woo her into dating him. The nickname baby-blue had come from Elizabeth's love for the water.

"I'll be there soon… I can see the lake right now. Just give me a few moments to slip into my bathing suit."

"Hey you're welcome to do that here," Scott joked.

"You wish Scott… I'll be there in a minute," Elizabeth said before flicking the phone shut. Elizabeth swiftly parked in a spot right close to the docks, hopped out of the car and opened up the trunk. Glancing around quickly to make sure the small parking lot was empty she pulled of her jeans and t-shirt before completely stripping. Quickly she pulled on her two piece bathing suit, grabbed a towel, and closed up the trunk where she left her work bag and uniform.

Slipping her designer sunglasses out of her beach bag and onto her face, Elizabeth strolled down the dock towards the two tanned boys waiting for her.

"All hail the goddess Elizabeth," Scott pronounced to the empty harbor. "Her beauty is past compare, she is the picture of perfection, she is…"

"Cut the crap Scott, I know you were flirting with girls earlier today who were much prettier then me," Elizabeth laughed.

"Flirted I did… however prettier then you they were not. For you are my Aphrodite dear Elizabeth," Scott clasped his hand over his heart and did a dramatic deep bow to Elizabeth.

"Well as the goddess that you so desire… I order you to steer this boat out into the blue waters of paradise."

"Your wish is my command, o Elizabeth," Scott said before hoping out of his bow and over to the boat.

"Well we're actually going to have more people coming guys," James said.

"You have other friends?" Elizabeth asked in mock hurt.

"Yeah, actually there's this girl that's coming, we've gone out a few times, I think she may be…"

"You're a little young to be thinking about marriage James," Elizabeth teased. "Oh no, is she pregnant?"

"Don't do that, seriously this one is special. You'll understand when you meet her, she's just amazing."

"Just remember bros before whos man," Scott called from his boat.

"I hardly consider myself to be a bro," Elizabeth said.

"Well find yourself a nickname okay because I'm too exhausted to think of one… I just worked oh so hard today," Scott sighed melodramatically.

"What, did the little lonely housewife only give you a $200 tip for her boating lesson today?" James asked.

"Oh please, I get a bigger tip then that just by winking at them," Scott replied.

"Can you just imagine what would happen if you became a little gigolo for them?" Elizabeth teased.

"I'd be a millionaire by the end of the year," Scott smiled. "The middle-aged ladies can't resist me."

"That is supposed to get me to sleep with you? Gosh you have an odd way of flirting," Elizabeth muttered.

"Admit it you love it when I talk to you like that," Scott flirted.

"Hey would you two shut up… she's here," James muttered. Elizabeth glanced over and saw him fixing his polo shirt and running his fingers through his hair.

"Wow he must really be serious about this girl," Scott whispered to Elizabeth as he hopped out of the boat.

"Hopefully she's not as much of a bitch as some of his former girlfriends. I swear all celebrities are the same. Give them a pretty Channel outfit and they think that…"

"Elizabeth," Scott muttered. "I think you should turn around and see his new girlfriend."

Smiling slightly Elizabeth turned to check out James' new girlfriend.