You've gotta be strong and hang in there,

Hang in there for all of hope,

Even if it seems your hope is all but a little string,

You need to hang on with all of your heart, mind, and soul,

Physically, please,


I need you to be strong,

Strong and hold on,

Please, I know you can get over him,

You're so much stronger than, me…


I believe in you,

Believe with all of my heart,

I know you can do it,

You're so much stronger than me,


It breaks my heart every time that you take that tone of voice,

When you're getting ready to cry,

It wrenches my heart out,


When we cried together last night,

It just about shattered mine,

Knowing that someone else has to go through what I do,


I can handle it if it's my own problems,

But when it's someone else's,

I silently cry inside,

Knowing that I can't even help,

Only to be there for you,

And keep on repeating, "I'm sorry…"


All I ask for,

Is that you be stronger than me,

I can't get much better than this,

I just broke down crying on the phone,

That's the worst I've ever been,

Please, be strong,


Acknowledge that everyone loves you,

And if it doesn't seem like it,

Know that I (will always) love you,

I'll always be here to talk to,

My shoulder will forever be here to cry on,

So, please,

If you need someone,

Lean on me,


I'll continually listen to your problems,

Whatever's on your mind,

But if there's that slight chance I won't be,

Please pray…

Please pray…


Pray that He'll help you,

Because He'll just do that,

Believe in yourself,

And He'll believe in you,

Reach your hand out,

And He'll grasp it,


If you don't believe me,

Just have assurance in me,

I'll everlastingly be your cushion,


Don't keep it bottled up inside,

Let it all out,

Let it all out,

It'll make the pain and sorrow go all away,


Trust me,

I know I haven't had much experience,

But I know that it makes me feel so much better,


Trust the roads ahead,

Have faith in life,

Know that it'll turn out for the best,

Move on,

Even if it seems impossible,

And maybe even wrong,

And causes more hurt than you'd think,

Please, be strong,


Everything happens for a logical explanation,

Even if it's heartbreaking and sad,

You know that He has a meaning for it happening,

A reason that will eternally work out,

Just have faith,


If you can't be strong, for you,

Then, be strong, for me,


Continue on with life,

Don't think about him,

Oh, don't think about him,

Please, be strong,

Please…be strong.