In the movies, the girl always gets the guy

But they never show you how she keeps him.

We haven't even been together a single month

And I swear I'm about to lose you.

I know I'm not the perfect girlfriend,

I know I've no excuse.

I should be better, I must be better,

I just never know what to do.

Do I play the part of the egoist, the

Dominatrix, always in control?

Should I be soft and demure, quiet and shy,

Always listening but never giving her opinion?

Or am I supposed to be a slut, lying down

And letting you do as you please, moaning where appropriate?

Perhaps I'll be a tease, letting our tongues interlock but nothing more,

Or the naive schoolgirl, too afraid to kiss, or even look you in the eye.

What would please you more? Which persona should I take?

Because baby, I'm convinced that

Being myself might have won your heart,

But life's not a movie, and that will never keep it.