This poem is currently in my local poetry contest to be published... Feb. 2008

Across the withered state of mind,

A wind blows cold and dry,

Crackling with glee of evil,

For it knows the thoughts from you to I.

Though hard and mean the thoughts,

I try to push them back,

With little luck at all,

I cry as they attack.

Your meaning is sharp and clear,

It stings as it prevails,

And in my head I hear,

The lies of our twisted tales.

You punch and scream with hatred,

For feelings I have no more,

I once had thought I loved you,

But now im not so sure.

The thought of me scares you,

So you try to send me back,

To the hell which you believe I came,

But your heart is where im at.

I know I see it in your eyes,

You knew the truth before,

Again and again you shunned it,

Only really wanting more.

Time and time I see you,

Like a ghost I walk the streets,

Standing in a shadow,

Praying we once again meet.

Until the day you take hand,

You finally grasp the truth,

I know it hurts, a pain to be,

But for you I try to sooth.

I know the truth may be,

True be beyond compare,

But your not happy I can see,

So to let you go is fair...