Book I

Pik and the World

On the first day, Pik made the world. It was her first major project, so it didn't come out perfectly. Some bits were burnt, and some had even caught fire! Others were really squashy and others looked positively poisonous.

Life, Pik reflected, would be a hell of a lot easier if she had a recipe.

And then she made a recipe by transubstantiating matter that had not existed into the previously made world. It looked a bit lumpy, so she took it off again and stuck it next to the world.

Perhaps, Pik reflected, they could be friends.

And that was when she created the idea of friendship. The recipe and the world sat next to each other. After awhile, they invented the concept of boredom and the recipe began circling the world.

Stop that, Pik reflected at the recipe.

The recipe kept at it. Pik crossed her arms in a sulk and went on to her next project. She created a little stick-thing with a blob on top and more stick-things sticking out from the different sides. The stick thing then invented the concept of noise and began making some of it.

Oh, reflected Pik to it. Are you borrowing Boredom from the recipe?

Then she smote herself over her nonexistent blobby thing. Pik, in her inexperience, had neglected to make a stick-thing recipe. So she did. Like the other recipe, as it is with any guide to the creation of something, this recipe had more of Pik in it than the little stick-thing did. The stick-thing and recipe began making Noise at each other. So Pik stuck them on the world so that they could annoy the world's recipe. They began poking at each other instead. So Pik made more stick-things and stick-thing recipes so that they would not be experiencing the world-recipe's boredom. Mostly, though, the stick-things kept poking at their recipes. Some stick-things got confused and poked at other stick-things, but Pik didn't mind. Som recipes poked at one another too. Pik shrugged.

Perhaps, Pik reflected, it was all for the best.

With that, Pik went on to other projects. But because all that she made embodied something of her in it, her creations and recipes created things by themselves. Pik would have been very interested by this, but she then created lunch-time and spent a great while being occupied by that.

Book II

Pik and the New World

After lunch-time, Pik did not make the world. After all, she had done that before lunch-time.

Where, she reflected, is my recipe?

Pik rather thought that she might have borrowed Being Lonely from her creations. And since the remedy to Being Lonely was getting a recipe, Pik decided to find hers. She looked high and low, in the existent and nonexistent, to the left, to the right, and six parallel universes over, she found her recipe.

Recipe! she reflected at the disembodied being such as herself. Where have you been?


Why, she reflected, are you not reflecting?


Oh, Pik reflected. What is a God?


Pik could not reflect. She did not understand.


Oh, Pik reflected again, inventing confusion. The stick-things immediately borrowed the confusion from her, so she was just left with bewilderment. Just for good measure, the stick-things borrowed that too. She looked at the world for a moment, and was surprised to see that the stick-things were controlling their recipes.

That, Pik reflected sternly at them, is not right!


Oh, Pik reflected. And promptly ceased to.