Dingo kicked down the tin door, and before it clanged to the ground, he sprayed his AK-47 blindly throughout the room. Light from the muzzle lit up the room like a strobe light. The smell was unbelievable. If you've ever smelled blood, gunpowder and fire burning corpses when they fell onto their campfire to cook their dinner, you'd understand the pain.

Soon, the noise died down, and Dingo entered the tin shed. He rolled bodies over with the tip of his boot for survivors. There were none. Jackal soon scampered in her trademark bear crawl position. Years of practice made her skillful at it.

"No survivors. Light the place, Jackal," Dingo said as he began to exit the shed.

"Got it!" With that, Jackal pulled a fist-sized grenade off the pin and tossed it inside. She practically flew out of the place before it exploded.

They ran through the forest as the blaze followed behind them.


"Animalia just bombed hidden base 47."

"No, that's what we suspect."

"There is no doubt in our minds that the attack was by Salamander. We've got to do something about this. The truth will soon be out to the public."

"That's their plan all along."

"To collapse the country by revealing that their own government is against them?"

"I'm not sure their trying to collapse the country at all. Just the government."

"Well, what's the status on the surviving goods in the hidden base?"

"None survived."

"Dammit, I won't be made a fool of by some bastard teenagers!! If we don't find them soon, we'll pull the final alarm!!"


"Awesome. That's another one down," Fox said as he dropped to a sitting position in an Animalia base. They frequently moved between bases to avoid capturing by the government.

"Yeah. I know the final alarm will be pulled soon. We'll have to send out our underground resistance army, and the military will be against us. After so many years of collecting weapons, supplies, and more soldiers..." Jackal sat with him. "I can't believe it's come."

"I know what you mean," he said as he walked to the cauldron and scooped up some soup. Fox walked back to his place and handed it to her. "I'm still confident. I know the people will win."

"I just can't be so sure anymore. The final alarm is so close to our fingers that it's really tempting."

"Dingo said the word is for him to say, and the war is his to start."

There was a sudden pause. It wasn't an awkward pause when there's nothing to say, it was the kind of pause you have when you want to pay attention to something. They dashed in separate directions until their backs were on opposite walls. Jackal and Fox moved against the walls until they got to the doorway, and each were on either side. Fox clicked off the light.

"I didn't know they could strike so fast!" Jackal cried in a hushed tone.

"They can't. They are randomly shooting up houses, whether they're Animalias or not."

The busting of the front door interrupted the silence and two soldiers walked in.

"Hello? Anyone here? Police!" One said as they walked deeper into the dark room and passing Fox and Jackal.

"Right here!" They said at the same time. The two soldiers spun around to shoot, but Jackal and Fox's silenced handguns beat them, and snapped out shells at them. Blood splurted out out of each wound and they fell on the floor.


"Two of our soldiers attempted to hit a house, but they won't respond to our radio transmissions."

"I think we all know what that means, men."

"Animalias obviously killed them. What's the next step?"

"Isn't it obvious? Bomb the whole damn city!!"

"What?! There are innocent people there! And How would we cover this up?!"

"Like we always do."

"Like we always do..."


Dingo paced back and forth in the base infront of Jackal and Fox. They recently removed the soldiers corpses, but washed and mended their suits for later use.

"Now they know we're here...what are they gonna do...? More importantly, what are we gonna do about the civilians? Surely they couldn't give a rat's ass about them, but we do," he said.

"Evacuate the city. We got Beetle disguised in the City Hall, right? He could pull the siren!"

After Dingo radioed Beetle to pull the evacuation siren, a large alarming whine went over the city. Dingo had some nearby Animalias knock on doors to get them out, but wouldn't tell them why. He said that was the government's job to cover up their schemes by giving the citizens a false explaination. People ran over each other through the streets, babies cried, and the siren whined. Jackal, Fox and Dingo hurriedly packed up their things and departed to the forest where Jackal and Dingo just recently escaped. The party rested at the farthest place they could get to without stopping.

"Fox, get up a high tree. Watch the city for the attack."

He did. Fox jumped and scurried up a tree to the highest place he could go. He could see over the vast canopy of the forest, and the city.

"See anything yet?!" Dingo shouted up.

Fox was about to answer, but was interrupted by a barrage of silent planes. Soon, they weren't silent, and a piercing shout of planes beating the speed of sound pressed on every individual nearby's eardrums. The planes slowed down over the city, and dropped mysterious objects to the ground. 'Is it breaking...?' Fox thought. He was very, very wrong. When the unknown objects hit the ground, they gave out a huge explosion. Each and every building collapsed under the bombs. It rained explosives until every piece of structure was at one level. The planes jetted away.

Fox jumped out of the tree to Dingo and Jackal.

"I think we all know what happened in the city..." Jackal sighed.

"Quick! Turn up the radio! I want to hear what the government has to say about bombing their own city," Fox said.

Dingo turned up his radio. It was a bit of static, but it was clear enough.

"Terrorists have just bombed one of our major cities in the east! Luckily, somehow a group of teenagers foresaw this attack and evacuated the city before the bombs fell! An amazing group, unfortunately unidentified, so we could not give them an award. I hope these kids will protect more of our cities from terrorist bombing--!" Dingo angrily snapped of the radio.

"Terrorists...?" They said at the same time.