"You are awake, ja?"


"You are awake, HUNTER born."

"How'd you-?"

"Do not worry, I am as well."

"Wait, I thought I was..."

"The only one? No. Well, I am only aware of you, and myself."

"What is this place?"

"This is the containment of your mind, and mine. The only freedom they allow, to keep us from going against them."

"Containment of my mind?"

"They plug you to a computer, and allow you to be free in your own infinate space."

"Who are you?"

"I thought we covered this."

"What's your name?"

"I don't have a name anymore. They give you numbers here. I am 687703."

"Don't you have a name? Like, a real name? What was your old name?"


"Are you there?"



"My old name...was Dante. They took the only thing that tied me to humans. To my human mother."

"Who's 'they'?"

"Your parents wasted their time."


"They think that they won ten years ago, but they're absolutely wrong. Your government is back, and they're going to use us to kill all of the HUNTERS systematically, then opress the public. In the end, the'll kill us too."

"Dante, will we stay here if that is our fate?"



"Nothing is out there for me."

"Nothing in here is for you, either. I promise, it'll be worth it."


The red lights flashed on and off, and sirens sounded in the room below, and in the ventilation duct. Krikorian and Savage almost screamed, but caught themselves. The German scientists went into a panic.

"Was ist falsch?!" Yelled one, then another scientist rushed in.

"Die themen entkommen!"

"What's he saying!" Savage could yell now. The sirens were getting louder.

"Um, he's saying...the something is...!" Krikorian thought hard. "He said the subjects are escaping!"

Suddenly, the ventilation duct experienced a large shake, then, as the two held close to each other, they looked into the vent and saw one whole wall of the room below was destroyed, and the rubble consumed the scientists. Two people stood among the flowing dust, and Savage regognized one of them.

"It's her."

The two people clothed in white, a boy and a girl, stood still, side by side. They looked incredibly similar, too. The boy was like a male version of Arsineous. He had short black hair, and red eyes. Arsineous didn't have her ribbon in her hair, or her glasses.

Then, and explosion occured in the vent, and the blew it in half. Savage thought quickly, and shielded his face with his arms, and closed his eyes as more dust engulfed the two. He felt shards of metal piece his palms, and yelped, but not as loud as Krikorian, who was lying on the ground on the rubble of the wall screaming in agony, while he grabbed at the stub of his left arm.

"Oh god," Savage said. Another wall glew red, and exploded in the same manner, and the two disappeared in the smoke.


As Savage hefted Krikorian onto the grass from the entrance to the ventilation duct, exhausted, there were more red lights and sirens. Krikorian woke up in a daze, only to scream again when he noticed a limb missing.

A Captain was alerted by the screaming, and came behind the shed. Luckily, it was dark, and the red lights were shielded by the lumber so he didn't see the vent Savage barely climbed out of.

"Come!" He said alertly. "The HUNTERs are attacking!"

The captain quickly departed afterward.

Savage turned to Krikorian.

"We've got to follow Arsineous," he said. Krikorian nodded when Sarkissian panted heavily dragging three standard rifles, and threw two on the grass.

"We're going to go fight the HUNTERs," Sarkissian said.

"No, were going to go find Savage's girlfriend," Krikorian commented.

"Shut up." Savage pushed his shoulder.

After much arguing, they set off in the forest bordering the camp. Sarkissian made a big deal about Krikorian's missing arm, which he had his jacket draped over. It was actually vaporized off, which they had to explain very much to him. The forest rustled in the wind as the three heard an explosion through trees.