Wasted day and
Up all night,
I'll try my best to make this right,
But I can never help you forget,
All the things I said to you,
That I regret.

I can never change,
The way you made me feel that day,
And I can never change,
All the mixed signals and emotional outbursts,
I sent your way.

I am a failure when,
It comes to everything,
But fucking up,
And sucking up,
To make up for my past mistakes,

But hey, they tell me,
Its okay,
Everything changes,
Well, change did this,
And change won't fix this,
And I am left to solve a problem,
That affects my whole life,
And I have no clue,
What to do…

I can't change the past,
I can't control the present,
But I like to believe I can make your future,
As good as possible,

Even though I lie to myself,
To make life e.a.s.i.e.r.

A/N... I dont like this.