Emotional Rollercoaster

Hope and dispair
Fill the air
Love and hate
Lay in wait

Is never far behind
Always there
So easy to find

An emotioinal roller-coaster
Of emotions and words
Thats so deep and strong
But can feel so wrong

Contradictions we're taught
Ruining all we thought
Chrushing our ever afters
With someone's cruel laughter

For when emotions rule
Life is never at ease
For at every turn
Theres something cruel

For as times changes
The games do too
Leaving you behind
As good as blind

For they say I love you
And don't
They say I do
And are never true

For love was suppose to be forever
But forever rarely comes
Love is easy to fall in
And love is easy to pretend

And fools that we are
Believe all that we are told
For the love we believe in
Never comes to hold

So hope and dispair
Fill the air
While love and hate
Lay in wait

An emotional roller coaster
Of emotions and words
That are so easy to say
And believe when things get carried away