"Falling through the Black"

Winter-cold and dreary

I stare out my window, weak and weary

The sun's gone away

So hard to keep these thoughts at bay

Smiles are a distant thought

All the gray makes me so distraught

Loneliness settles in my heart

Suddenly I feel so apart

I'm falling through the black

And these thoughts, they just attack

Falling through that black sky

They call, but I can't seem to reply

When will the sun come out?

Without her, I begin to doubt.

Does no one hear me cry?

No more, I can't continue to deny

January, February, March

Now, flowers beneath that arch

She's back, my old friend

Now I can begin to mend.

The sun, her overwhelming beauty

Is now remembering her duty.

She's so continuously kind.

With her, I'm no longer blind.

No more am I falling through the black.

No, she has helped me come back.