Straight lines on the wall
Each moment chalked out
But I'm done with counting
There's no need anymore

Over and over and over
Until they mean nothing at all
Tracing the path of our future
Until we can see it no longer

Does time move slower?
Does it get any easier?
Does the world end of its own accord?
Or do we even get a say?

Welling up at the centre
Lie the stories still untold
Waiting never hurt anyone
But I've never felt this low

The moment comes too soon
Trapped in its own veracity
Small shapes scatter solemnly
Fearing what shall befall

Can you see it here?
Sketched in black and white?
The simple joys of the ages?
Or do we fight our dying breath?

A sudden flash before my eyes
These shadows play tricks on me
Every single time

Unfinished, this unknown thirst
Is drawn mistakenly here
In our minds


Or do we have to go on?