-- This Darkness --

-- By Eloquence Par One Hundred --

Summary: "This nameless wanting, different to everything we have ever known, even after nearly six hundred years of existence, torments us both." Male slash and incest. Be warned.

Ratings and Warnings: T for incest, slash and sexual references. I warned you, so don't bother flaming me for content. Flaming for general crappiness is just fine, though.

A/N:This ended up very different from what it was going to be. Please forgive any inconsistencies, or, better yet, tell me where they are, and I'll try to fix them. The two brothers are probably Luka and Jesse. I'll write a multi-chaptered sequel if anyone wants it bad enough.

I wonder... I wonder if we will ever be free of this madness... I wonder if we even want to. I wonder if we even have the choice, or if it has been made for us.

Soft lips on my throat and the stinging pain and my brother is smiling, smiling and pain is nothing, so long as I can see him smile lip this, soft and sleepy, utterly content and so sexy. I kiss him, and taste my own blood on his lips, rich and dark, full of secrets, and ancient magic, heady and intoxicating... I feel his lips curl under mine, and then he moves, tipping the two of us over onto the bed. I'm pushed back down into the soft blankets, smiling at the feel of his body over mine, strangely warming in our cold world. He smirks, dominant and loving it, and crushes my lips under mine, his fingers sliding over my bare chest.

We play these games, over and over, fighting for dominance, or fighting for submission... not that that makes sense, it won't, not to you, because you are not us, and we are eternal... we are the same, mirror images, interchangeable... dominance and submission doesn't mean anything, so long as we can fight for it. Because for us, fighting is as important, as vital, as the thick red blood flowing down our throats, sustaining our every breath. It is as important as the silence that follows after, the content moment when we lay still, limbs intertwined, cheek against cheek.

The blood is spotting across the bed sheets now, almost invisible on the black satin. But even though we can't see it, weren't looking anyway, the smell is in the air, and we would be poor vampires indeed if we didn't react to it. We were brought up being told that food should never be wasted, and old habits die hard. My brother reluctantly pulls his mouth from mine, to lap at my neck again. I tilt my head back, allowing his easier access. The moment cools, and my fingers twine in his hair, tugging gently at the silky brown strands, so like my own, as I relax in the reassuring feel of him licking up the blood.

We've been together for always, down the years, the centuries, actually, one the same as the other, loving, hating, fucking. Always together, never apart. But lately... my brother has been distant, silent, longing for something that neither of us understand. I know he has, because I have too. That nameless wanting, different to everything we have ever known, even after nearly six hundred years of existence, torments us both. We fight it, making love with a brutality, a desperation that has never been there before, treasuring our moments of silence as though they might be the last, trying to block out this feeling of being incomplete. We are with each other. How could we ever be incomplete?

His saliva heals the wound and he pulls away with a sigh, curling up now against me, his head pillowed over my faintly beating heart. "We'll go hunting tonight, brother mine?" I ask him, voice soft, yet far, far too loud, too brash in the stillness of our attic room. The woman who owns this house knows we are here, but it doesn't bother her. Layers upon layers of compulsion prevent her from worrying, from even thinking too much about the two young men living in her house, rentless and without actual permission. My brother smiles again, kissing the edge of my jaw before rolling off the bed and beginning to pull on his clothes. Boxers, jeans shirt, hiding him from my view, obscuring his beautiful body. I feel a sharp stab of panic. What if I never see it again, never feel his hands on me? Will this unexplained and unexplainable longing pull us apart?

It terrifies me, that something might be strong enough to do this to us, that something might be worth more to him than I am. I know he feels the same, and I know that I should stop thinking such thoughts, should stop thinking about what it would be like away from my brother. Could I even exist without him? The emptiness is horrifying, but I can't banish it from my mind. What would it be like... to be alone?

But my brother is beckoning me, leaning on the door frame, the ghost of a smile on his pale lips. "Get dressed. We'll go hunting tonight. I took enough of your blood that you, at least, need to feed." I smile in return, sitting up and brushing my fingers across the slightly raised area on my neck. The wound woukld probably have faded entirely by the time I finished dressing -- we heal fast at the best of time, and my brother had licked the punctures clean. "As you wish..." But now that I think of it, I don't feel like hunting anymore... Climbing slowly to my feet, I take my time in reaching for my clothes -- I can feel his eyes raking over me, and have to hide a smile. He knows exactly what I'm playing at, but he just can't resist the bait. As I turn away from him to pull on my boxers, an arm wraps around my waist from behind and the silky fabric shorts are tweaked from my fingers. "Actually, I reconsider," he purrs in my ear. "Hunting can wait..." He nibbles my earlobe and a small mewl escapes me, my back arching as his fingers creep down my waist, lower and lower and, oh god, lower. "...can't it, brother?"

But despite the fear... Even if the restless longing tears us apart, I know we will eventually wander back together. So for now I'll smile, and I'll kiss him and pretend everything is okay. I will run by his side as we explore the night, drinking deeply as he holds our prey still for me and holding him close as we sleep. And when we are apart I'll grieve for the loss, and console myself with the knowledge that it'll be over someday. This feeling, this darkness will pass as all things do. We are brothers, twins, and a love such as we feel can't be denied for long...