Twisted Twister

Constantly inconsistent

And inconsistently constant

I'm ready to fall in love without

Mention of the consequences

But consequentially

I am caught in the middle.

Left with the wrong man on the moon

Mars made me with Venus in my veins

And vanity vanishes vertically

Over the vernacular horizon.

Very clever sir,

Cause I'm cautiously causing chaos

Forever in your ventricles.

You know I don't love him

Or even like him for that matter.

What do I have to do to make you think of me?

Pitter pat. Pitter Pat.

Positively positive purposely poison

Posturing itself for invasion;

Sorry… that's just me

Putting pictures and pieces

Pairing them up where they belong.

Injecting you without interjection

Of integral intimacy.

Alliteration always alluring

Allowing lasting lusting

Occurring within open occupancy

Scratching scares only scruples

Caring never about the nails

But the hammering that follows.

Intensity enticing pursing puckered lips,

Patterns prevail picking paring

Slicing splicing and dicing

Until forbidden fruit is eaten.

Have I tasted you,

After all this time,

Tonguing a twisted twister?

Oh, just shut up and kiss me.