The Queen Sin

(the king) blessed was not your unhappy fate to bring about another hell.

( the queen) cool desire set pleasure higher beneath my naked sin, But hope secure a lessen delight will me not to be gone from here.

( the king) this death, this dying soul, this common day you chose to test our love. But now the guests, the hosts, the other ghosts vast over there. My body afraid to walk forth yea to hear my voice say, leave this place!

(the Queen) oh dear husband, deep in the knees of the sweet mute of heaven was the moment I had to know, But a fell whisper of the half – way lips of wondering make known the name for I be a blasphemous love.

(the king) sweet is the haunted gate of vain! I shall think you a fool to test my love again! For the prime is to sweet to hold back my decree, I kiss to say I love you no more, now leave!

(the queen) all hate to pity this motherless self, and the ghost of the night this dark path waiting to guild my feet. For truth itself is a test and a lie is to great a punishment.