What is delicious



When torn between places,


smells you loved,

sounds you mined for with every touch and sigh and flick of the wrist


Or perhaps it is more like being surrounded by miles and miles of the deepest, blackest ocean

where it really doesn't matter which way you squirm because the rate of failure is much the same


Then, there is the second which spans over several hours

spent analysing an exact shade,


or intonation

from which you may then take heart or the opposite


But eventually it is clear that there is little else besides sugars,

silks and velvets

and most importantly,

your skin and scent and warmth which may be experienced to the fullest because they are entirely impossible to ignore.

An eventuality



I chose to move in to the manor

I built it on the eastern bank of the river Denial

Only you showed up

With kingdoms and horses and dragons

And tore down the brittle walls

Cedo maiori, I said, but you laughed

And laughed and so I laughed with you and you spun me


In a circle with dizzying speed

My dear scholar of indifference where you'd have me believe it is tolerance

Pretence where you prefer to project ignorance

This is where we are now

Twirling and panting and me

Clinging to your fingers and screaming a lullaby as if it were a prayer

There are frames within frames to this picture

All of which have frayed edges

Patched up a multitude of times by a multitude of amateurs and torn again

By Lady Circumstance

Tasting You




After dancing the night away

While the sweet scent of bukhoor clouds the senses

We verbally make love to each other

In various languages



How I crave your touch

As we fly on the wings of la Fee Verte

And I rake my nails down pale skin

As obscene suggestions fly off your tongue

And down my spine



Gods I need to taste the salt on your skin

Spend hours and hours on the wrong side of midnight between sheets

Or under the clear sky

With your warm skin and breath

Which tickles my neck




Smother me

I like it in gallons

Please be there

Dreams last for hours

In any case

There are rules to follow

No need for vigilance

There's fun in sorrow

Boy play with me

My game is real easy




Standing in the doorway

Breathing hitch, compromising glitch

Can't think

Can't link one and two

Sudden trip, head first

Out of the rain

Hair drips

Nothing other than this

Random stich

Out of my mind

Falling behind, you flawless bitch

Suicide heels, random patterns click

Shake your thighs you pretty thing

Little thing, brittle thing

Can't do it like I do

Some whore you make

Watch big sister now