ROMANCE?! series

Glass Moon – Celena Chronicles

Full Summary: High school is now in session and Celena Kordes is a freshman in Pearson High School. Until she meets the very popular Jonathan Kim, a girl who has no interest in love is now going to experience the greatest surprise. Glass Moon, first book of the ROMANCE?! series.

I'm bad at writing summaries, reading it is recommended.

Anthor's Note: This is my first story, do judge easily. Many of my friends have preview it and they love it! So I decided to see what the public says about this… so here it is, Enjoy

Chapter 1: Who? - Celena POV

It was just the first day of high school where there were already rumors about a guy that was making one-fourth the girls in the whole school fall for him. I hear that he was from a middle school that is far way and only a few people came from that school, but rumors are rumors and what I learned is that you can never listen to rumors. Most of the girls I walked pass were whispering about that guy that was thought to be so popular and rolled my eyes.

With my heavy backpack, I walked around campus looking for my friends Eva and Audrey, so far no luck. I reached into my pocket and slipped out the piece of paper that contained my schedule.

"Classroom 1-A," I muttered to myself as I walked towards building 1. I counted the classrooms to get to my homeroom, "1-F, 1-E, 1-D, 1-C, 1-B… wait…" Walking back to the previous classroom, I looked to see Eva, with her black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Oi! Eva! Long time no see!" I called from the doorway waving.

She turned around to look at me and I saw that she was in the middle of a conversation with a girl that I had never seen before. She had dark brown hair that was almost black tied into a ponytail and strange purple eyes.

Eva looked and smiled at me, she muttered something to the girl and walked over to me. Eva smiled at me with her eyes that were mere lines and goofy smile.

"Hi Celena, isn't this awesome, our homerooms are right next to each other,"

Eva was always pretty popular, she was always known around the school and there were quite a few boys that liked her. Unfortunately for them, she already has a boyfriend that ended up in another school.

The purple-eyed girl walked up to us and smiled. Her big violet orbs glittered when her mouth formed into a small smile and her head tilted to one side as she held a hand up to signal a wave. I smiled back and looked at Eva for an introduction.

"Oh!" Eva gasped as she understood that she needed to introduce us, "Celena, this is Teresa Walker, we met in our summer art and cooking class. Teresa, this is Celena Kordes, my good friend from middle school."

"Nice to meet you Celena, let's get along well," she said with another smile.

By her looks you could tell that she was a very kind person who was a hard worker. She looked like her grades where high and her real personality was very hidden by a kind mask.

"So what middle school did you go to?" I asked just to make some small talk.

"I went to Lolt Middle School," she answered.

My eyes wondered from her eyes to her laptop screen, which was facing me. I noticed that the desktop was a character from my favorite anime.

"Wait… you watch D. Gray-man?!" I asked in disbelief.

She seemed shock by my comment for I have just named the anime that the person on her desktop was from, "You know Allen?" she asked surprised and in shock.

I nodded in enthusiasm, excited to see another D. Gray-man fan.

"I'm a Lavi fan, nice to meet you, you must be an Allen fan," I smiled.

"Yep, that's me, the Allen Walker fan, it's funny how his last name is the same as mine," she laughed.

Eva was standing next to us listening to our conversation with an expression that looked like we were talking in a different language. The bell range a few seconds after.

"Well I got to get to my class," I laughed nervously.

"Bye Celena!" Eva waved, "see you at lunch!"

"See you later," Teresa waved.

I was in such a rush to get to my class that I bumped into something.

"Ah, I'm sorry I was in a hurry and didn't see where I was going," I muttered as I rubbed my head.

In front of me was a boy that had black hair and jet black eyes. The boy glared back at me and replied in a very cool tone, "Yeah, make sure you know where you're going next time."

How rude!

I glared at him as he walked into classroom 1-A. Wait classroom 1-A… That's my classroom. Oh shit, I'm going to be in the same class as him.

I walked in and took my favorite seat that would always be in the back right corner right next to the window.

The teacher walked in and introduced himself, "Hello class, I am Mr. Green and I will be your homeroom teacher, now I will first do roll call then we'll do some house keeping and pick our class presidents."

I sighed and let my mind wander aimlessly as I waited for my name to be called.

"Jonathan Kim"


"Celena Kordes"


I heard that cool, expressionless voice and grimaced. Great… him… maybe I can transfer classes and be in the same class as Eva and Teresa.

Mr. Green finally finished calling roll call and announced, "Now let's pick our class president and vice."

One girl jumped up off her seat and squealed, "I nominate Jonathan Kim as class president."

The teacher looked back from the excited girl and Jonathan and said, "Ok Jonathan, you're the class president."

Jonathan stood up and coolly replied, "Well I nominate myself as the vice president."

Mr. Green sighed and called out, "Those who agree with Jonathan being vice president raise your hand."

Most of the girls raised their hands and started to flutter their eyelashes, which sickened me. So HE'S the guy all the girls where falling for.

"Now we need a president. Anyone want to be president?" Mr. Green continued. He looked at his roster and looked back at the class. "Celena, you have good grades and tend to know what you're doing? Why don't you be the class president?"

"What? Why? I rather not," I replied.

"Well since there's no one else, Celena will be the class president."

I flopped back into my seat. I looked to the seat where Jonathan sat and saw him looking at me. I just glared back and turned back to my work.

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