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Chapter 29: Betrayal? – Celena POV

Walking to my homeroom class, I yawned, noticing the tears gather at the corners of my eyes. I was so tired and already missed my winter break. The break had ended; therefore, the whole school still looked like it had been taken over by sleepy, teenage zombies. I, myself, probably looked like a zombie as well; no one was in the mood for school. Even the teachers and staff looked tired, though they tried their best to hide their exhaustion.

Wondering the hallways, I looked for my friends to see how they were doing and if they were also walking around like zombies. The halls were empty since many were usually late the first day back though I noticed the familiar brown haired in a ponytail and purple eyed girl walk into the Freshman building, head high and a smile.

I stared at Teresa, amazed and confused about how she can be so happy especially since school is starting, so the prison is back in session.

"Teresa!" I called over to the skipping brunette.

She glanced over at me and smiled, walking towards me with the extra jump in her step. I laughed at how silly she looked with her walk, the other students that were around also stared at her strangely.

"Hi Celena~" she greeted me in her singing voice, "how was your break?"

"It was boring, unproductive, but really needed," I smiled, replying, "how about yours?"

"It was wonderful," Teresa smiled, at this point her happiness was getting a little creepy, so I took a step back.

"What was so great?" I smiled politely and curiously.

"Haha, Himitsu desu," she smiled putting her index finger over her lips.

Though I wasn't an expert at Japanese, I knew she was basically telling me classified information and that it was a secret.

I groaned at the secrecy, "come'on Teresa, tell me. I never bother you when you say 'classified info', but this time I'm just going to keep asking"

Teresa smiled slyly, "maybe later after school or something, it's a big deal for me, but only a little bit interesting for you."

Thinking for a while I agreed, "Fine, but make sure you tell me, promise?"

Teresa laughed as smiled, before she could say anything the bell rang, marking the starting of class. Strange… I didn't see Eva and the others come by.

Smiling, Teresa walked back to her class, "Alright, I'll talk to you during orchestra okay?"

The classroom door closed behind her before I could reply, I suddenly realized that she didn't reply to the promise…

I heard the familiar light footsteps and turned to see Eva running towards her classroom.

"Haha, a little late Eva?" I smiled, smugly.

She panted and exclaimed as she got closer to me, "Aren't you late as well Celena?"

Shocked I thought for a while and both of us busted into our classrooms as quickly as we could. Even though I came earlier than most people, I was still late for homeroom.

As usual, Mondays resulted in Orchestra during third period. As usual only Jonathan and I left the class for Orchestra, though I didn't see Teresa and Eva exit their classroom… hm… maybe they left earlier.

I arrived at the Orchestra room, and saw Eva in her usual seat. She was practicing a harder section for the viola part; therefore, in a trance and didn't notice me come in. I glanced to the left of the conductor's stand and saw that Teresa wasn't there in the cello section. I glanced at Eva who seemed to be waiting for Teresa and me to arrive.

Before I approached Eva to ask her the whereabouts of Teresa, I couldn't help but notice that Jonathan had stopped and glanced at Teresa's usual seat as well before continuing to his own seat.

I eventually set up my own seat and Mr. Revere also came out and class started. He glanced around the room to take role and found Teresa's seat empty.

"Has anyone see Ms. Walker?" he asked the class, surprised by Teresa's absence; It was common knowledge that she would never miss class without an excused absence.

The room was silent when Eva spoke up, "She was in homeroom with me earlier… but for some reason she didn't come in to this class…."

Mr. Revere grumbled before marking down Teresa's absence on his attendance sheet, "Skipping class huh… that would be a cut."

Glancing over at Teresa's currently empty spot, I started to worry about her. What the heck happened to her…

Class continued on as usually, but everything felt strange without Teresa's cello sound that blended with everyone else's melody. I found myself staring at the door often, hoping that she would appear safe and unharmed… I hope nothing serious happened.

During lunch, Teresa appeared again at the lunch table as usual with her nicely arranged and wrapped bento lunch. Her hair was a bit messed up from how I saw it this morning, she had a large band aid on her cheek, and her eyes were slightly puffy. Eva and I glanced at each other, then at Teresa, concerned.

She remained quiet, staring at her unpacked lunch. Usually Teresa would dig into her meal once she sat down, but today was strange. Something must've happened. A bad test grade? Teacher got mad at her? Very unlikely.

The group was quiet and tried to continue their happy chattering. I stared at Teresa before speaking up.

"Hey Teresa… where were you orchestra?"

She looked up, looking as if confused about what I said, "Oh… uh… I was in the office, my mom called and I fell off the stairs on the way over to the office."

"Oh… I replied," not sure what else to say.

Sitting directly in front of Teresa at the lunch table, I continued to stare and tried to read her expressions, and she didn't seem to mind, more likely unaware of my observation of her.

From the corner of my eye I noticed movement and shifted my vision to see Jonathan walk towards our table. Usually I would be very nervous and my heart would pound quickly, but today it didn't really occur to me.

Who can think of a crush when a best friend was troubled?

Jonathan glanced over at me. Our glances were locked for two to three seconds. He looked as if giving an apologetic look, before he looked away and down to Teresa, who was still staring directly into the table, unblinking.

Addressing our group he started, "Excuse me, but can I borrow Teresa really quickly?" He finished his statement looking straight at me and I couldn't help but feel a little warm.

I nod and he lightly put his hand on Teresa's shoulder.

"Teresa…" he called gently, I couldn't help but feel a tad bit of jealousy and wished that name he called were mine.

Teresa seemed to shake from her trance and glanced up at Jonathan. Her eyes grew watery but she didn't say anything.

Jonathan sighed, as if he and Teresa were having some silent conversation and they knew what the other was feeling. It felt weird… I didn't know Jonathan and Teresa were really close, and Teresa never told me anything about she and Jonathan having any special relationship.

Teresa stood up and addressed us, "Sorry guys… I'll… be back…"

I nodded, and she left the cafeteria with Jonathan. Doubts filled me and I felt horrible for thinking this... but… did Teresa betray our friendship for Jonathan. The facts this whole year caused me to add up to this. What if Kaito was all a lie? What if Teresa had been fooling with me all this time? Could Teresa and Jonathan really be in a relationship?

Irritated at my own doubt of Teresa, I shook my head violently and patted the sides of my face. Get a hold of yourself Celena… there's no way, Teresa's not that type of person…

The table's conversation was starting to talk of my greatest fears.

"Hey… could Teresa be dating Jonathan?" Sophia asked the table.

She sounded a bit excited and curious, since… she still doesn't know about my crush of Jonathan yet. With that statement, Eva and Audrey glanced at me concerned.

"No… no it couldn't be!" Audrey forced a laugh.

Eva tried to go along, "Yeah… Teresa's not that type of person. When could they have got together anyways?"

I could tell they were both trying to make me feel better. It did work until…

"Maybe during Winter Break…" Miria stated darkly, with a very concerned look in her eye, "they were always close in middle school and who knows if that Kaito is actually a real person… little we may know he might just be some anime character…"

Sophia sensed the tension and laughed nervously.

"Guys… if Teresa and Jonathan are dating, shouldn't we be happy for them?" she stated confused.

"Sophia… do you not know?... Celena likes Jonathan... Teresa might've just destroyed the trust that Celena and all of us had for her," Audrey explained.

Sophia was shocked and looked at me, "I'm sorry Celena… you never told me"

I looked down, a bit ashamed and replied, "It's all good. We can't be sure anyways… Teresa is not that type of person…"

I think…

Even though Teresa said she would "be back", she took her backpack when she left... and never did.

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