to be expecting


there are old men sitting on street corners

i feel guilty as i try to pass by; i'm broke

can't spare any change for the man who serenades

spent all my money on some video game


there are kids falling asleep in orphanages

i feel sad as i drive by; i'm much too

procrastinatory to try and help, besides

i mean, i'm no mother, and i can't offer a home


where alpine turns from north to south, that's when

the uphill battle makes a downhill slump

there's been a wreck driving down past the park

the shade of trees keeps the road in the dark


in africa, there are people dying of AIDS

i feel terrible when the news turns on; it's easy

to forget the problems when you're half a world away, but still

i want to help, but i'm no match for a disease and mutations


there are people lined up at the free clinic

i feel stupid as i try to look past; it's difficult

there are so many illnesses going around, and i have drugs

keep saying "i won't catch your poisonous germs, i won't"


where alpine turns from north to the freeway, that's when

i turn right to the woman who'll take care of the problem

she gives me pills that many people can't afford because

something's wrong with me that health insurance covers


in your houses, you are happy, talking to your lovers

i feel bad for myself when they call; it's comfortable

to fall asleep to some easy old pain, and besides

i'll feel warmer in the morning, wrapped up in excuses for being stagnant


like it isn't the latest trend:

to end up feeling worse for yourself in the end