blood in your boots


italian boy with a southern accent

hey hey, i lost my head today

could've had an affair but chose the white elephant

hey hey, not like they won't fuck you anyway


feet in the hole and a locket full of mud

looked for the airplanes and shot down a dove

ring on the left hand, heart full of love

morphine in the pocket and the air full of drugs


bombs and babes over the banks of the tigris

shotgun airplanes aren't enough to escape this

carried moses in the basket lead springs took a miss

handprint on the bible in an orchestrated tryst


pushpins on a map get your ass out of bed

barbed wire bedsprings don't care if you're dead

tread lightly tread softly tread faster just tread

trading fat and muscle for a ration of bread


polish girls with blood on their hands

bend back break snap the earth where she stands

firm hands smooth the muscle rub the clay across the lands

you'd rather go down with her hands in your pants


i'd rather go down with her love, vast as the sands.