The bell signaling the end of class rang loud, an institutional sound. I quickly gathered my book and started to my next class. All the other girls in my World History class were shoving past me. In all the usual mess to get out of class, I felt something brush against my ass. Considering this was an all girls' private school, I knew it wasn't a boy, and I was pretty sure it wasn't an accident. I looked around and caught a glimpse of Heather Finley smiling at me.

This didn't startle me; she and I were best friends. But it did make me a little uncomfortable. I caught up with her in a heartbeat.

"Hey, boring class, I thought it would never end," I said.

"Makeup check?" She asked, smiling with her brilliant white teeth.

"I have no idea why you wear makeup to an all girls' school, but okay."

The two of us walked down the hall to the bath, it had five large sinks, each with a small mirror on the wall. Heather walked to one of the mirrors and reapplied her lip-gloss. I stood patiently next to the sink and waited. When she finished, she turned around and looked me up and down. I was probably just imagining it, but I think her gaze lingered at my breasts.

"These uniforms suck," she said, "And even more so when you wear them properly." She moved closer to me and unbuttoned the top two buttons, revealing a pale blue undershirt. I noticed she 'accidentally' brushed one of my breasts.

"Come on, we have class," I said, blushing a deep scarlet color.


Our Calculus class passed quickly and next thing I know we were walking to lunch.

"I gotta go," Heather said, in her I-don't-have-to-go-but-we-gotta-talk voice.

"Okay." We headed to the bathroom. Surprisingly, it was empty.

"What?" I asked. Heather hesitated, which should have tipped me off – Heather never hesitates – but it didn't. Next thing I know, her lips are pressed to mine and I'm up against the wall.

Two things happen in quick succession, so fast I'm not sure it actually happened. First, I'm so surprised that I just tense up. Next, I become furious and start to wriggle under her, but she has me pinned to the wall. Then, somehow, I relax. I suddenly realize that I'm enjoying this, my body melts into hers and her grip on me loosens, allowing me to wrap my arms around her waist and deepen the kiss. She finally breaks the kiss and looks at me, panting.

I really did enjoy it, but at the same time, it confused me. Why was I enjoying it? I never thought about other girls in an intimate way, much less Heather, but then why was I enjoying it. I broke away from her and looked at her.

"Look...this is...weird, but, maybe we should..."

"I get what you're saying," Heather said, to save me the embarrassment. I nodded and slithered out of her grip.

Well, that was awkward.