This started out as a fanfic, but I had a friend read over it who read the books, and she told me it didn't sound like one, so I just made it my own from there on. Also, Rainy from LightningClan if you're reading this... erm when this was written I had forgotten that you had a rp carrie what was a horse-shifter named Shadow in SUTM. If you'd like me to change her name, I'd be more than happy to, kem'falla. -BloodyRedEclipse

I jerked awake, blinking confusedly. My head throbbed and my body ached. What the hell?! I was laying in a small, sandy cove. It was the time of morning where the dark and light mix and everything's cold. Well, I wasn't cold. I was a shifter, after all. We, like werewolves, did not feel the cold.

I felt the warmth of someone's mind brushing mine. "Good morning, baby." Kaden's voice murmured in my head. I groaned as my head throbbed painfully.

"Maybe for you, what the hell happened last night?" I mentally snapped back.

"You don't remember?" Memories flooded. Me and Gage, our bodies tangled together, the full moon glowing over the ocean, bathing our mating bodies in silvery moonlight.

"Oh." I said out loud. Then mentally "You're mad."

"No, I'm not mad, Shiloh." Kaden sighed.

"Bullshit. I know you enough to know when your mad."

"I'm not mad because you fucked Gage if that's what you're thinking."

"Okay, I'll bite, why are you mad?"

"You could have got your ass killed. What the hell were you thinking?!" he growled. I knew his fangs would be bared, what ever was in his immediate vicinity would be in several pieces by now.

"We were safe! Jess was watching our backs and Gage had his gun! Those government fucks wouldn't have found us anyway."

"Really? Then why was Jess with me last night, huh? I was uninformed she was cloned."

"I'm still alive, Kaden. And Gage could have protected me otherwise."

"I'm just so uninformed lately. I did not know werewolves could keep there minds on anything but sex during the full moon."

"Damn it, Kaden! I am not a kitten that needs to be spoon fed. I'm a panther, I am capable of taking care of myself."

Kaden said nothing, just retreated from my mind. Damn him! Fucking vampires and there fucking old fashinedness! Why was I still in his life and his bed? Because he's good in said bed. My inner voice said smugly. "Son of a bitch." I muttered to no one.

"I'll have you know my mother was head bitch, thank you." Gage's warm voice flowed over me. I grinned.

"Excuse me, son of the head bitch. Happy?"

"Not really."

"And why not?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Because my dick says I'm not."

"Well then, your dick has a problem doesn't it?" I replied coolly.

He heaved a sighed. "Well fuck. What's Kaden done to piss you off this time?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Normally he has to do something pretty bad to make you not want me." I could feel his aura burning me, the heat gathering between my legs. I growled moodily at him.

"Stop it, Gage. I'm not in the mood." He sighed again.

"Fuck this, I'm going in the water. Pray it's like your heart, cold, to a poor wolf with a hard-on." He stood, stripped quickly. Damn, he was hard. Too bad I was in a mood or I'd be tempted. He jumped into the water gracefully, almost splashlessly.

"Is it cold?" I asked.

"No, damn it. Please, Shi? Remember last night?"

"God, you want too much from me." I sighed and stood up. "See ya, wolfie." I said cheerfully and began to walk away. I heard him growl, then pull himself from the water. Kaden would kill him if he didn't guard me like he was supposed to.

I walked along the beach as the sun rose. The lovely blue green water lapped at the sand, turned dark brown by the water. Gage hurried after me, pulling a gun from the holister at his waist. I sighed. "Can't we even walk without you pulling out the guns?"

"No. Kaden and I both want you alive and you are going to stay that way."

"The only reason you want me alive is my pussy. Admit it, Gage. Our races are too different to be much else than we are now."

"That's not true, I also like your mouth."

I glared at him. "Just for that, you don't get any part of my body. I'm sure the rest of my Guard would jump at the chance to get in my bed. Especially Shadow."

"That's my cue to shut the fuck up, isn't it?"

"Yeah, actually. Good dog!"

Sighing, Gage faded out and disappeared. Alone time was what they called it. Yeah, more like watch the cat while it paced it's cage. Turning, I started up towards the forest lining the beach. I could feel Gage's disapproval wash over me like a tsunami. Too fucking bad.

The forest was calm, birds sang and animals lurked. I sighed, a purr rumbled from my throat. It wasn't the happy kind of purr, it was more of the lonely variety. I was lonely. I had made myself lonely, yes, but that didn't mean it didn't hurt.

I was the last fertile panther shifter-a rarity in it's self. Why we really weren't sure. Kaden and his bunch were working on finding out. In the meantime, the motherfuckers from the government took turns trying to put a silver bullet in my head-again, why we weren't sure. Hence the need for Gage and the rest of my Guard-consisting of Gage at it's head, Jess; a hawk shifter who happened to have a thing for blood, Jay; a wolf shifter with some issues from his childhood, Shadow; the lesbian horse shifter, and her current lover Cherri; a mix breed of horse and eagle shifter. All in all we were only sometimes fucked up. Normally when we sat around and got drunk off our asses.


A gun turning off safety. Aw, hell. Not again. I looked around and shot forwards, easily hearing and scenting my would be attacker.

I hit the bastard hard and he went down, grunting. I lay on his chest, pinning him. I grew my claws and flexed them in and out of his arm. He gritted his teeth as the blood stained his clothes. "Who the fucking hell are you? Lie and I swear to God I'll rip your dick off!" I growled, more and more pissed by the second.

He stared up at me, eyes wide but not with fear. "Sandy..." he whispered softly, voice hoarse.


I dug my claws in deeper, feeling the hardness of bones. "Trey! I'm Trey." he managed, pain riddled his voice.


"Why are you here, fuck-o?" I snarled. No one ever called me Sandy. I'd changed my name the day I'd turned eight-teen

"To capture Shiloh Collins." He hissed when I flexed my claws. I was starting to enjoy this.

"Why the duce do you want to capture me?" I bared my fangs at him.


"Yes, me. You're a stupider fuck than I thought if you didn't know who you're supposed to get."

"But... aren't you Sandy?"

"Nope, haven't been Sandy since I was eight-teen."

"God, has it been so long you don't remember me?"

I blinked. Should I remember this fucker? Suddenly memories flooded my head. Long love making sessions, walks under full moons, snowball fights that led to long love making sessions, and Trey's face. "Trey Hunter." I murmured.


Pain exploded in my head and I screamed. Gun fire hailed and the sounds of bodies dropping rang in my ears as I slipped into sweet, calm, normal darkness.