A/N: Nuuu! I must be the slowest person ever. My eternal appologies. Heh. Well, there's a reason for the slowness. I lost the muse to write this, then I couldn't decide where to take the plot. Etc, etc, etc. But it's back now. Small Warning; Chapter contains slight incest. No smutt, but yeah, definite themes.

"You fucking cunt! How the motherfucking hell did you get yourself pregnant? Your only seventeen for Christ's sake!" The shadowy man snarled at me, his blue-green eyes blazed, claws flexed.

"You outta know, fuck-o. You were there. Looks like you're the proud daddy." I snapped, famous temper flaring.

He bared his teeth. "That child is not mine."

"A fuckin' blood test would prove you wrong, jackass." I sneered.

"You will not have this bastard child."

"Don't you dare call my baby a bastard, cocksucker!" I growled, baring my teeth, putting a protective hand over my belly.

He slapped me. Not with his claws, but still I tasted blood. "You will not disrespect me, whore. I command you to get rid of this child. If you do not comply I will get rid of it myself." He grew his claws to dagger-like points. He wasn't kidding. He didn't kid. He'd rip me open like an over stuffed doll, then kill the baby he'd helped create.

"Fine, bastard. I'll get rid of it. But you're going to pay for it. If you hadn't noticed, you are the adult here. Maybe." I curled my lip at him.

I honestly had no intentions of bringing a closely inbred baby into the world, but he didn't have to know, did he?

"Make an appointment, then get it over with. I don't want the pack to know."

When I woke this time, and I was getting mighty sick of this whole getting K.O.ed thing, my head didn't hurt, but I was tied to a chair. Joy.

I looked around. I was in the basement of a big plantation house. When you're born and raised Southern you can tell about these things, aside from the fact that two walls were covered in wine shelves, filled from top to bottom. And a few old whips used on slaves way back when.

Oh, yeah. Deep Fuckin' South all right.

"Ah, she's awake." A deep, eerie voice floated over me. I remembered that voice.

"Tevon, you half-fucked bastard, why the hell are you here?"

He chuckled and walked around in from of me. He was dressed from the waist down. "I just thought I'd join my lovely little sister's welcomin' party." He drawled, playing southerner to the hilt.

By the bulge in his pants I'd just bet that was what he wanted. Sweet Mary Mother of Jesus, my family was messed up.

"I see your still the family fuck-up."

"And your still the hot little bitch who needs a good whuppin'." His eyes traveled up my body. Weird little fucker, my brother is.

"For God's sake, Tevon, this is not your fuck party." Another of my brothers' southern accent raked my brain. Devin, the oldest, and thankfully not incest-loving.

"This is a lovely reunion and all, but, uh, I think I'd like to make my way to the nearest Red-Eye and get back to my life in Cali. If you boys don't mind untying me…"

They grinned but didn't say a word. I really didn't want to know why, either. Because I could feel that shit was about to hit the fan in a big way.

The door burst open. A tall grey haired figure strode through. He had blue green eyes, high cheek bones, and a sneer. Edgar Ravestone. My uncle and the daddy of my baby- ahem, dead baby. I told you my family was fucked up.

"Ah, Shiloh Collins." He jeered, "Why on Earth would you pick such a… queer name?"

I gave him my best Jezebel smile and made my voice a bit huskier, "Didn't you know? When you raped me, I liked it so much I decided to fuck chicks."

His palm connected with my cheek, my head snapped to the side, and I tasted blood. "I'm still your leader, you will show me respect."

I spat bright red, then laughed. "And some day your balls will drop. But until that happens, your just an asshole who fucks assholes."

"You bitch." He growled. He looked at his nephews. "Tie her to the wall. Fuck her however you want. Make the bitch bleed."

Several hours later I hung limp and sticky against the wall. The silver inlaid chains rubbed my wrists raw and I could feel blood in various states of drying trickling down arms.

I vaguely wished I was dead. Covered in bruises, blood, and my brothers' come I felt like vomiting, but I didn't have the strength to move, much less vomit. Plus it was cold down here. I wanted to be back home in bed. Maybe curled up with Gage or Kaden or Trey. Hell, anyone would be preferable to this.

The door opened then shut. Edgar strode in. He grinned at me, panther fangs bared. I didn't even have the strength to tell him to fuck off. Or even glare at the bastard.

"I see you've calmed down. Finally broke that fiery fucking spirit of yours." His smug grin made me hate him all the more.

"Fuck you." I managed, though it was hardly more than a raspy whisper. I hated that, it made me sound weak.

"What was that? I didn't hear you, whore." He chuckled softly.

I cleared my throat, "I said, fuck you, you dry old puppycunt!" I snarled, and fought the chains, finding some small bit of energy.

"Well, then, I suppose we'll have to try harder. Boys!" He called and my brothers appeared, this time Jake, Erhyn, and Alex were there. I spat at them. They merely gave me lustful smirks and made a line. I mentally whimpered, but said nothing. I didn't want to give them the pleasure.