" I HATE Valentines Day"

"Why is that Joey it actually really cool" Asked Dann

"Yea right Dann I have ton of Fan girls throwing them selves at me I hate that, you know I went to get my ship tuned up and a 50 year old lady started to hit on me?! And you've got Leia so you're happy." Joey shuddered slightly remembering the fan girls that constantly surrounded him.

"Yea your right well see you tomorrow, don't for get captain will want you report of your last planet rescue…" Dann smirked at him.

"Don't remind, me go on you're letting Leia wait, see you tomorrow Dann." Joey sighed.

' It didn't used to be that way, I used to have someone too…' Joey though despair filling his heart


" Joey, Your home!" Nikkei yelled as she ran full speed at Joey and wrapping her arms around him.

"Yeah, how was your day, Nikkei?" Joey asked wondering how she got in his apartment.

"Great, sorry I broke into you flat again." Nikkei said with a guilty smile.

" It's fine, did you cook? I already cooked dinner for us" Joey said with a small frown.

"You mean that pan-full of charcoal?" Nikkei asked with a confused look on her face.

"It wasn't charcoal!" Joey shouted indignantly.

"Yeah it was, but that's okay, I made lasagna your favorite!" Nikkei said with a smile.

"But it is my job to make you dinner, after all you're my Valentine." Joey said starting to pout.

"Joey you pouting is not going to make me kiss you, and besides I'll let you do the dishes" Nikkei said with a smirk.

"But Nikkei I…" Joey pouted even more.

"No buts, sit and eat!" Nikkei said with a small grin.

jzjzjzjzjzjzjzjz(later that nigh)jzjzjzjzjzjzj

"Hey Joey Do you think that you should tell Dann that you are going out with me he and Andrew keep trying to set you up with a date and i want you all to myself." said Nikkei as she wrapped her arms around Joey.

"I want to tell Dann and Andrew but I'm afraid they will freak." Joey said quietly

"I'll tell them tomorrow." Joey whispered into Nikkei ear as he wrapped his arms around her and then he leaned down to give her a kiss.

"Now Joe-Joe I have to go, Sorry I can't stay and watch a movie with you tonight I have work tomorrow, I have a escort mission." Nikkei said with a sigh.

" Nikkei,don't want you taking those missions, those are the most dangerous…"Joey whispered worriedly

"Joe I took this job because it is a thrill seeker job, if you don't like it than deal with it because this is my life and if I remember correctly you have the same job." Nikkei said sternly with a slight frown on her face, this was not a new argument.

"Nikkei I love you but please let someone else take the job." Joey asked near pleading.

"No Joey I can't, I love my job I love you too but this is my life if you want to be apart of it than you need to fit in but not replace."

"I'm sorry I just worry you're my first girl friend 'and hopefully the only one ' and I care about you." Joey whispered softly.

" I know, well see you soon, and Joey can I have a key it's not much fun picking your lock, it makes me feel like a criminal." Nikkei said with a small grin

" Don't worry I'll always come back." Nikkei said softly

"See you soon, Nikkei" Joey said as she walked out his door.

' Well better get started on the dishes ' Joey thought with a sigh.

00000000000 A WEEK LATER 000000000000000

" I'm sorry to inform you but this week we have lost a valiant pilot and fighter as well as a good friend to most of us, please will you all join in mourning for Nikkei Vanhallen… Joey can I talk to you a minute." The commander said in a saddened voice.

Joey was looking at the floor with a blank expression, he looked up and walked over to the elders office.

"Joey, Nikkei left you a letter." Said the commander as he handed Joey a letter.

Joey walked down to the loading dock and got in his ship as he flew home he wondered why Nikkei would leave him a note.

' Why did she have to die, she said she would come back, she said she would come back.'

The minute that Joey stepped into his house he ripped open the letter and started to read

Dear Joey

I know that you will be upset when you read this knowing you will only be reading this if I die. I don't regret a minute of my choices going out with you was a good choice. I don't regret dying actually when I volunteered for this mission I knew that I might die and my only regret is that you will miss me to the point of depression, and I don't want that so don't miss me, find a girl who is not a thrill seeker. I do Love you but move on find a new girl

Love Nikkei

"She said that she would come back." Joey whispered as tears started to roll down his cheeks.


' She said she was coming back, she said so and now its over she isn't, she's dead and she wanted to die.

I will never love again because she took my heart and still has it'

Joey sat in his apartment, tears streaming down his face, thinking about the way she smiled and knew that it was true he wouldn't love again.