I'm not crazy.

Then I met the girl who wanted to be like you

were gorgeous and cool or it was what I thought about?

it wasn't a rainy day though it would have been a nice setting to remember

how unforgettable it was the passion between us.

I cut your photo from the magazine

and I stuck it on my notebook's cover

I asked her to go out with me on tuesday

she bought ice cream but I drank ice coffee like I used to do with you

we went around the tuck shop and we talked about future without you.

I was thrilled to go to the movies

it was my first time even if I went with you sometime

the main character from the movie reminded me of someone,

go and say I'm crazy because I love you.

I don't know how fix the ideas springing to my mind

your voice is fading in shouts but I understand why you're disappointment

the song prevails in my heart for you

when I saw you crying I felt like me too

if it's easy to forgive, forgive me

you're not the only one who I love.

Everytime I bump into him

I don't look into his eyes

it's not that I'm falling in love, it's just I can't see anyone but you,

the suicide note shocked me

why are you sad? I pray for you

I'm silly of the appearances too

but thanks for giving me a piece of you

even if I've found a new love.

Now the girl doesn't want to be like you anymore

you were everything I couldn't be 'cause I wanted to be like you

just a sunny day on which I try not to forget what's important to me

notebook's last page is blank I mean, can you write something for me?

I'm waiting for her to call me, I want her to drink ice coffee as I taste ice cream in a future without you.

I'm not crazy for loving you

because I love you

I'm not addicted to you

because you don't hurt me

because I love you, I do.