They speak of segregation

Like it's a dirty word.

Talking in hushed voices

Pregnant with shame and

Crude distaste. It used to be

Law and now it is nothing

But a means of continued

Victimisation by those who

Would live only to whinge

And complain. They just want

Someone to blame and that

Isn't hard to achieve when

We throw ourselves, prostrate

On dirty floor and say sorry

To descendants of generations

Long gone, dishing out flattery

And apologies like we should

Bear the sins of our fathers,

When actually, they had slavery

Too, and disliked us being grouped

Together and wanted to go their

Separate ways. And I apologise

For the fear and hurt that was caused

But for God's sake, grow up

And take some responsibility

We can't apologise forever

So why not forgive and forget?

We only need to join together,

To work and meld in communities

Where the past is just a link to a

Better future and we can combine

To create a better world – and

End the slavery that still exists.