Adam sucks at the end of the hose, begging it to fill him with substance. He sticks his tongue in and twists it around, as though pleasuring it.

I sharply pull my eyes away; it was far too hot for things like that to be going on.

In a desperate attempt to cool our withered bodies we have contorted them to fit into a tiny inflatable child pool. I can't help but be thankful that the adolescent need to be "cool" has faded in both of us and we take no shame in our front yard exposition.

"There's no hope." I moan to the blinding sun.

Adam's skin comes in contact with mine; I shiver against his body heat.

"What?" he asks, eyes glazed.

"Are you quite finished pleasuring the hose?" I make a move to disconnect our skin, but only slip further down.

"What?" he asks, this time scrunching his face when tears start to prick at his eyes.

"I love you." I whisper, too hot to construct sentences.

He moans, and much to my discomfort curls even deeper into me.

I take Adam onto my suffering tongue and taste him, his particular flavor is that of hot plastic.

We took a break from our homework four hours ago and had both come to accept the fact that we would most likely not be getting back to it.

I blame the heat; it stole my ability to learn things I didn't give a damn about. Just as my tongue stole my ability to resist running my fingers into Adams pants.

He moans more in agony then anything else; such pressure to perform in such heat is too much from his young body, but rather then pity him I continue on. The first few minutes he is halfway between begging me to stop and begging me to go faster, but I hardly listened either way.

He makes an attempt to slide his fingers into my pants but I thwart his efforts, currently he has too much energy for me. To guarantee a nap later on I needed to steal the youth from his body. Perhaps those reasons are too selfish, but for such a hot day they are not too harshly judged.

Somewhere in the back of my head I feel uninvited eyes staring down at us, aware that I am the only one that knows this I ignore it, no reason to start unnecessary conflict.

It feels like hours under such a cruel sun, finally his body shudders and he moans quiet and low.

I support his body for a few minutes on top of me before speaking.

"Want to take a nap?"