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"Where are you going?" My boy kitten asks from behind the couch.

It takes me a few seconds to remember why I was at the door. "I'm going to the store…" I think harder; there was more to it then that. "We are out of…things."

"Can I come?" Adam has a look of fear on his face; I realize that he is still too high to be left alone. He may get into things if I leave him here.

"Yes yes, come come." I shoo him over, jingling my keys.

He smiles gleefully and bounces from the couch and latches onto my left arm. The faint smell of pot is still tricking from his breath. I must warn him not to talk to people when we get there.

I check the lock the front door three times before I am satisfied.

I take on all automatic movements, keys in the ignition, seatbelt to where it clicks, reverse, forward, and onward until daybreak. Or something like that.

It is when we come to our destination and exit the car do Adam and I realize we have forgotten our shoes, again.

Adam has weaved his fingers into the belt loop of my shorts; I will never fully understand his fear of being lost. Although having him connected to me does me very little good, he is OCD and has to walk in patters on tile floors.

I have the list of required things in my hand, there are 12, 15 if you count the items Adam and I will come across in the store and decided it was absolutely imperative that we had.

Last time it was Barbie Fairytopai cereal and a slinky.

Adam is kind enough to detach from me to push the shopping cart once we get inside.

"What's one?" Adam asks, showing a number one on his fingers in front of his face.

I look back down at the list. I used a purple pen to write the list. It's an ugly purple too…


I'm startled from my daze.

"Huh? Oh…um…grapes." I re-read it just to make sure, but it still says grapes.

"Who eats grapes?" Adam asks.

"I…I don't know…" I look around me, not really intending to spin myself in a circle, but doing so anyways. "But it's on the list, and I wrote it yesterday…"

I look back at Adam, who looks to be in the middle of trying to crawl into the shopping cart.

I look around again and see that we have garnered a small audience of store-goers.

I slowly warp my fingers around the end of the cart and start to pull it into the next isle. Adam is about halfway into the cart, more or less the cause of all the spectators.

Is it really so strange to watch a stoned 20 year old boy crawl into a shopping cart?

"Can we have that?" Adam points at a box of fish sticks from inside the cart. Once he got in there he refused to leave.

"No." I set a bag of apples in his lap.

He moans against the invasion and holds the box of Cheese-It's up above his head. "Mine." He hisses to the apples

We make it all the way to isle 9 before the Item that needed to be had showed itself.

I place two fingers into my mouth.

"We have to have that." Adam declares.

"I am aware of that." But still, I am unable to move.

I reach out once, but flinch back and pull away. The giant box of Animal Crackers is too high; I'm too high to get it.

I make one more grab for it, stabling my feet on the shelf below I grip the shelf above, pull myself up, let go with one hand, reach out and wrap my fingers around the first thing they come in contact with.

I stumble backwards into the shelf behind me.

By the look on Adam's face, I have come out victories.

"Tonight we eat like kings." I declare, handing the box to Adam, bent, but more or less unharmed.