Author's Note: This is my story. I also have a quizilla account and that's where it is from originally. I am not stealing this story.

I don't like the rain. It makes me depressed. When I see rain, I remember the day that it took my parents away from me. That's why I didn't want to move to Seattle.

"Come on Jack," my uncle urged me. "It's a good fresh start for both of us."

"I'm not moving there," I said decisively. "There's too much rain. I lost mom and dad to the rain and you know how much I hate it."

"Alright, alright," my uncle finally caved in. "Where should we move then?"

"Arizona, it's like a desert there." I informed him.

"You know that I hate the heat, Jack," my uncle implored me.

"Fine then, you can choose...just nowhere like Seattle."

I left my uncle alone in the kitchen and went up the stairs two at a time to my room on the second floor. My walls were painted black with MCR, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Sweeney Todd posters. I can't handle too many bright things at once, it kills me. It's not that I can't be happy. It's rather that I usually don't want to be happy. It takes too much out of me. My uncle thinks that one day I'll meet someone who can make me smile. I think that he's overly optimistic.

I walked over to the full-length mirror that stood against my wall and stared at myself. I am tall (around six foot one or six foot two) and in my opinion scrawny. The jeans I wore were baggy hiding my long, always pale legs. My shirt was a tight black wife beater that emphasized my chest, which was stuck between a b-cup and a c-cup. Yes, I am a girl. My full name is Jacklyn, but I refuse to let people call me that. My parents called me Jacklyn. Call me Jack or Lee or Baker. Just never call me Jacklyn. It's like the would kill me. My hair is long, black, and board straight. My eyes are large, almond shaped hazel orbs. My skin is just barely tan because I'm usually only sitting in a window or outside in the shade. I'm afraid to handle the sun.

Actually when you look at it, I'm afraid of most everything. I'm afraid to live. It requires leaving my parents behind and being on my own, a thing that I can't and won't do.

It was sunset before my uncle acknowledged me again. "Hey Jack! Dinner's ready! I'm going out tonight. I'll see you in the morning."

I didn't even grace him with an answer. There was no need. He knew that even if I hadn't heard him, I would figure it out as soon as I went downstairs.

I lay in my bed and listened to my uncle grab his car keys, slam the back door, and drive down the alleyway. I stood up slowly and grabbed a book from my dresser top. It was Frankenstein. As you can tell, I'm not that cheerful a person.

What my uncle had called dinner was actually two-day-old egg salad. I glared at the egg salad and threw away the sorry excuse for food. I grabbed my black Jack Skellington jacket from the hall table along with my keys and my wallet. It was only a few blocks from the house I shared with my uncle to Burger King and I didn't feel like cooking or eating old food.

The streetlights had already begun to turn on trying to light the dusk filtered streets. Our neighborhood looks like a mix between suburbia and some inter-city excuse for a housing district. I hate it, too. Actually, there isn't much that I do like. It's just the way that I am. I can't help it.

"Hey Lee, how are you?" Michael asked as I walked into the Burger King. Michael was one of the only four people must be a slow night.

"Hey Michael. Who's cooking tonight?" I asked looking into the back. Maggie and Derek leaned forward and waved to me.

"What'll it be then?"

"I'll take a Double Whopper with a large fry and you can pick my drink tonight." I assured him as I took a seat in the booth across from the counter. I opened up Frankenstein and started reading as I waited for my food.

I looked up through my lashes when the door chimed, finding that a young, black man had walked in. He was tall and lean. His head was shaved bald, but that was okay. Looking at him, I couldn't imagine him with hair. His eyes were pools of black that shined with some hidden knowledge. His skin was the color of dark chocolate. His jeans were dark and only slightly baggy (nothing compared to mine). He wore a brown and dull yellow hooded sweatshirt over a black t-shirt.

Michael was all fake smiles as the guy approached the counter. "Welcome to Burger King, what can I get for you today?"

"Yeah, can I have Bacon Double Cheeseburger, a large fry, a large order of onion rings, a large coke, and a Dutch apple pie?"

I zoned out after listening to his order. I had other things to concentrate on, like the creation of Frankenstein's monster. That was far more interesting than any newcomer.

"Yo Lee! Your order's ready." Maggie informed me. I placed my bookmark carefully between the pages and stood up slowly and deliberately, taking my wallet out as I walked over to the counter where Michael stood ready to give me my food.

"Thanks Michael," I said handing him the money for my meal. He handed me my change and I sat back down. A few minutes later, I vaguely heard Michael giving the other guy his food. Then I looked up to see the guy sitting across from me.

"Hi, my name's Chris," He said extending his hand.

I just stared at it intently, then I looked up at him and then over at Michael who had been watching us.

"Our girl barely even talks to us, what makes you think she'll say a thing to you when you just met her?"

"I was hoping maybe I'd get lucky." Then he turned to me. "Come on, just your name and I'll leave you alone."

I put my food in the bag that Michael had given me with my food picked up my book and put three fingers up to Michael before going to the exit.

"You can call her Baker." Michael informed Chris as the door closed behind me.