Simon's POV

"You called young master Wood?"

I sucked on my cigarette a bit longer before answering. He always came in silently… left silently… He's the best butler I ever had, but… he's the only one I ever had. He was so damn good at his job ever since mother hired him before I was born, that he should be retiring now.

"If you keep calling me 'young master Wood' I'm going to call you Jeeves." I teased as I breathed out the smoke in me. "Call me by my first name Henry, it's Simon. Si-mon."

Henry bowed. "Yes young master Wood."

I rolled my eyes. I put out my cigarette beside the night table beside me and scratched my head. Oh. Right. I looked to the left and saw the girl still there.

Amanda. I pulled the blanket off of her. Such a pretty girl. Tight pussy. Natural breasts. A little sex monkey. But one thing that did turn me off that night was her freakin' hair. It shed like crazy! The bed was covered with her loose hair!!

Where did I find her again?!

"Jeeves." I said as I waved him over. "What do you think of her?"

He looked down at the naked girl beside me.

"I would say OKAY. But what happen to her hair? Did you rip it out?"

I chuckled. "I should have made her tie it… Oh well. Do you want this one?"

Jeeves thought it over. "I think so young master Wood. When was the last time you brought over a girl?"

I shook my head. "Far too long. I was so desperate last night that I took her to bed! I think I'm working too hard." I got up from the bed and crossed the room for a robe while Jeeves started to take his tie and shirt off.

"Ah, make sure she gets a diamond after you're done." I reminded as I opened the door. "Give her… a small one."

Jeeves nodded. "Yes young master Wood."

I shook my head as he replied with the formal name. And dismissed it as I left the two.

Katherine's POV

"So you're the new one eh?" said one of my peers.

"Yup! Pleasure to meet you!" I replied as I held out my hand.

"Did they train you up?" she asked as she took my hand.

"Yes, just last week!"

"Good. Call me Mrs. Walsh. And mind you I've been a maid here for twenty three years, so don't try any funny business alright?!"

I nodded. "Right!"

If you're all wondering what's going, here's what's up. I'm a nineteen year old year girl who never finished school. Living by herself cause her parents are ass. But very open minded, and have a lot of ambition within. The only problem is… I don't keep that ambition for too long. They just… slip away and some other interest gets me.

But what's a nineteen year old talking to an old maid? Well like I said before, she's sort of like my peer because I'm a new maid. Why am I a maid at such a young age? Well I found this job having lot's of perks. For starters, it's board and meal plus job! Second it's a MANSION. Who doesn't want to live in a mansion?! Third. Well the pay is good, and until I have enough money to travel to Europe, I can handle this job.

Who lives in the hou- mansion? Not sure. But I'm sure to find out soon enough…

"Well?! Are you not going to put on your uniform?!" Mrs. Walsh commanded.

I jumped and went right back into my new room. The maid's uniforms were actually nice. Like movie style nice.

I didn't bother putting up makeup because… well what for?

I just want you to know. I can be deadly pretty if I wanted to. Once I was even recruited to a stripper's joint! Which I was tempted to go, but my back-then-boyfriend wouldn't have liked it…

But without makeup… I was just average.

As I came out and went to the servant's main hall I found, five other maids standing in line front of Mrs. Walsh. I joined them as Mrs. Walsh gave a one more quick through on her clipboard.

"Right, as you know, this is our new member, Katherine." said Mrs. Walsh. "You can introduce to her later right down we have a job to do."

She then assigned us to a room we had to clean.

When she dismissed us the girl beside introduced herself right away.

"Katherine! My name's Linda! Nice to meet you!"

She looked too old to be acting this way. Twenty six perhaps?

"Hi!" I greeted back and soon we walked and talked together before splitting up to our assigned rooms.

Now what was the order again? Sweep, dust, vacuum? Dust, vacuum, sweep? Am I missing something??

I just started. Humming to myself as I cleaned. This wasn't that bad at all! So easy!

"Hey!" I turned around towards the source of the voice.

"Linda! You're finished already?!"

"No, but I had to see him!" she said as she looked at the window behind me.

I turned once again to see who she was talking about.


Beside the car was a guy. A very good looking guy! With raven black hair, tall slender body. I understood Linda's need to just see this guy.

"Who is he?"

"The young master of this house."


Linda came up beside me, eyes glued to the guy.

"His name is Simon, Simon Wood. The only heir to this fortune." she continued.

"How old?"

"Twenty two."

"Lives here?"

"Yup, it's not like he needs his own place. The Wood's own a lot of different places…"


To my surprise Linda didn't answer and turned to me with a grinned.

"Our master… is very… perverted."

I gasped. "What?!"

She giggled. "Everyone knows, but…"

I waited for her to continue. Hungry for more.

"Well… Simon has a girl once in a while. But never as an official girlfriend. And we all know why."


"Sex. He just likes them for sex."

My eyes widened.

She nodded. "But he never touches the upper society girls. The girls he brings are mainly… well average income. He doesn't want to be tied to a marriage scandal."

I nodded.

"But the thing is." she paused for effect. "Simon shares."

"Shares what?"

"His girl. With… his butler."


"No, no! Not like that. Not threesome! I mean, after he's done with the girl… he lets Henry have a go at her too."


Linda shrugged. "Who knows? Maybe he feels sorry for the old guy."

"I see…" I turned towards the window again but before I could fully register my gaze onto Simon, Linda stopped me.

"I'm not finished."

"What else then?"

"I don't even know why he does this…"


"Simon… when he's done with them… he gives them…"


Linda shook her head. "Diamonds."

I dropped my jaw.

"Thousands worth. And… the better the night you gave him… the bigger diamond he gives."


Linda nodded.

After hearing that, my ambition snapped right in.