I opened my eyes quite suddenly, and regretted it immediately. I suddenly could see nothing except brightness everywhere. The damn sun was shining so bright. Alright, I'm a little crabby today, but it seems this day came by too fast.

Today, much to my displeasement was adoption day!

I hate this day! I absolutely detest it!

oooh big word!

Anyway, where was I? oh yeah...my rant about adoption day.

I hate this day because it means another year of rejection and feeling like you're not good enough for some stupid family, but nonetheless you have to dress up in an obnoxious dress, put on a fake smile, and basically pretend like you're happy to meet them. I have to pretend like I'm anxious to join some family that I know nothing about, I mean what if they're criminals or child abusers. But in the end, it doesn't matter because nobody will listen to me.

Well, If I'm being perfectly honest, I don't like this day because no matter how many times I remind myself that nothings gonna change today, and people don't really want to adopt teenagers, they want kids, I still let myself hope a little that things might change. I hoped that somebody would come come and finally take me away from here, and after a long time I'd finally knw what its like to have a home. I hoped that I would finally know what it felt like to have a parent who loves and cares for you in nine years. And thats why I hate adoption day, because no matter what , I end up being dissapointed, and thats what hurts the most.

Letting out a heavy sigh, I got up into a sitting position and scanned my room. My nightstand was next to my bed and it held a battered old alarm clock, an old, rusty lamp, and a broken picture frame of a six year old, brown haired, blue eyed, scrawny little girl, standing with two adults and looking the happiest she would be in a long time. All three of us were beaming.

I picked up the frame, and admired my mom. Looking at the mirror across the room, I realized she resembled me strikingly. We shared the same eyes, lips and height. I looked at my dad and saw his nose that looked exactly like mine. I sighed, all three of us looked happy, none of us knowing that fate was about to play a very cruel joke on all three of us the very next day.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I carefully put back the frame, and continued gazing at my room. Next to my nightstand was another night stand and a bed which belonged to my roommate, Brianna. I noticed she was out of bed already.

In my room, there was also a dresser with six drawers. Three of them belonged to me and currently contained all of my possessions. I didn't have much stuff since I had no money. The drawers were full of my clothes, Three shirts and two jeans, my apparel for school. One dress for fancy formal wear, for example, the ever dreaded adoption day.

I sighed, stood up, grabbed my dress and a towel and walked towards the showers, and took a hot shower. After getting dressed, I blow dried my hair with a hand me down blow drier, and my hair returned to its wavy state.
I examined myself in the mirror, and there gazed back at me a sixteen year old girl in blue dress with white polka dots.

"Hey Girlie!" said a loud voice. I quickly turned around and saw my one and only friend walking towards me, Brianna Evans.


I beamed and studied her carefully. She was wearing a red dress and her blond hair into a high ponytail.

She looked stunning and I felt ugly standing next to her.

"So, ready for adoption day?"

"Oh yeah, a whole day full of fake smiling and meeting a bunch of strangers? can hardly wait!" I said sarcastically.

"Oh c'mon why do you hate it so much? Sounds like fun to me,"

"You're such an optimist, plus it's easy for you to say that, I mean your perky and beautiful image screams perfect daughter, but the rest of us aren't so lucky."

"Please! You know thats not true. You'll probably get adopted too, I mean you're adorable, beautiful,--"

"I'm sorry, when did we start talking about Jessica Alba" I muttered under my breath, " 'Cause that sure as hell doesn't sound like me."

Brianna laughed.

"Come on"

We linked arms and skipped downstairs and ate breakfast. The day went by fast, and before we knew it we were all standing in the main hall with a bunch of other strangers, talking to us.

As the people came by they usually talked to the person next to me, skipped me and moved on to the next person. Through out the whole process, I kept on thinking, 'they aren't going to pick you, you're ugly and shy.' but, a loud voice talking to me pulled me out of thinking about not being adopted.

"Hello dear, how old are you." some lady asked me.

The same lady had walked past every other kid and just stopped in front of me with her husband.

She had a kind face and looked to be in her late thirties. The man had a strict face but he also wore a kind smile.

"Ummm…I'm fifteen" I replied.

"Oh how adorable, and you are so cute,"

"Ommm…thanks?" I replied, kind of scared. I mean seriously, she didn't stop smiling, it was kind of freaky.

"Would you like to become a part of our family?" she asked
I was about to say why, but then I caught the eye of a counselor, I said sure and tried to look enthusiastic, and her smile expanded(I didn't know that was possible) and said," well go get your stuff because we are going home."

I ran upstairs as fast as I could, my heart beating rapidly in happiness. When she was talking to me I thought she was playing a mean joke or something, but she was actually serious! I could hardly believe it. I packed my clothes and my photo frame into my backpack, hastily, and rushed to find Brianna, to tell her the happy news. I couldn't believe it, I was actually happy, an emotion I had rarely felt ever since the death of my parents.

"BRI, I effing love you" I screamed when I found her.

"uhhh..love you too?" she said giving me a 'what the hell?' look.

She had been talking to some one and I shouted as soon as I ran in the door and startled half the people in the room.

"Guess what?" I said once everyone stopped staring at us.

"You're going to run away, join the monastic movement, become a nun, and never get married?"

"Haha very funny" I said dryly.

"Okay, what did you want to tell me?"

"I'm getting adopted!"

"What! No way! That's sooo awesome! I'm soo happy for you!" She screamed and we jumped up and down for a while and then suddenly happiness evaporated, and sadness permeated the air.

Tears filled up in both of our eyes as we slowly realized that we would soon be split up, and we hugged each other, holding on tight and wishing we would ever let go.

"Oh Ariana, are you ready yet?" my new guardian asked me, after completing the paper work.

"One sec."

"Keep in touch" I said, my voice shaking.


"And call a lot"

"You too"

We hugged a final time and then I walked towards my guardian. She smiled at me and we began to walk outside. Before completely exiting the building, I turned sideways and waved to Brianna and then I walked outside, about to turnover a new leaf in my life. I knew we would never let go even when we were split apart.