Chapter 4: The Dinner

"You're late," said a stern voice, Violet.

"Don't look at me," Will grinned, "Ariana takes forever to get ready,"

He walked around the table and sat next to Sarah. I glared at him as I went to sit next to him.

Thanks a lot…traitor!

"I'm sorry Violet," I smiled at her. She smiled back kindly.

"Sorry or not, here in the Hastings household, we value time and frown upon lateness," said a strict voice, across me.

I glanced at the person who had chided me. She was an old woman yet still attractive. She had dark brown hair and blue eyes. I suppose her features were might've been beautiful at one time but time had taken its toll, it also didn't help that her features were arranged in a frown.

"Um. Sorry" I said confused… I would've snorted, I mean I was only a couple of minutes late. I already didn't like this woman, she seemed like the annoying old hag that you had for a substitute teacher at school. You know, the one that seemed like she was alive during world war one and had the annoying voice only the most irritating personas seemed to possess.

From the corner of my eyes I saw the corners of Will's mouth twitching upward, no doubt fighting a smile. I guess he noticed the sarcastic edge in my voice.

"Hmph, sorry… like saying sorry makes everything okay…so ignorant, just like your good for nothing moth-"

"Mom!" Violet interrupted the old lady's rant suddenly.

Ben's face was tight and his body was tense.

The atmosphere in the room had stiffened.

I glanced at Will and Sarah and they were watching their parents and old hag intently.

I looked in their direction too.

What had the old hag about to say? And why was it so disturbing. Was she about to say mother? No, of course she didn't know my mother, that was impossible.

The old hag was looking down, picking at her food, Ben was also looking down, in deep thought. Violet was the only one who had resumed her relaxed posture.

"So, Ariana I guess introductions are in order," She smiled and pointed to the old hag,

"This is Mary, your… grandmother now, I guess,"

"This is Ben's Brother, Gary" She pointed to a guy sitting next to the hag, I mean my grandmother. He looked a lot like Ben except his hair was blonde, unlike Ben's.

"This is his wife, Anna" She pointed to the lady next to Gary, she, like her husband also had blond hair but hers was a lighter shade.

Ugh…bottle blond.

They both smiled at me, I smiled back.

"It's so nice to meet you all," I said, while smiling.

"You too Ariana," Anna said. Gary smiled while the old hag just glared, well I finally know where Sarah gets her charming attitude.

After the introduction, dinner went quite well, uneventful even. But that was fine with me, I didn't know how many more surprises I could take today. It had been a very long day.

"Well, thank you for coming, but we've got to head for bed, Ben surprised me for tickets to the Bahamas, for our anniversary," Violet said after everyone had eaten, smiling all googley eyed at Ben.

"Ew mom please stop looking at dad like that," Will said, making a gaging noise for effect.

How old is he again?

"William Edward Hastings, please grow up," Violet said sounding stern but her smile gave her away. I guessed she was too happy to be mad, Will grinned cheekily.

The family laughed.

Slowly, the guests started leaving, murmuring 'Good bye', 'Happy Anniversary', and 'Nice to meet you'.

I got up and followed Will and Sarah having figured out that my room was in the hallway paralleling their room's hallway. I felt happy, riding a weird kind of high. It was cheesy, I know, but I had just attended a family dinner, with my family. I had a family! I belonged with someone, I wasn't just another outsider. I hadn't felt like this since my parents had died. Even the old hag couldn't ruin this for me. I stopped walking abruptly, Will and Sarah turned around and looked at me, with…. Not concern exactly but curiosity.

Did the old hag know my mother? because she definitely had intended to say mother. How did she know my mother?

I looked up at my audience who were probably contemplating whether or not I had forgotten to walk.

" Will?" I asked slowly.

"Yes?," Will said impatiently.

"Did the hag—I mean grandma know my mother?" I asked. Sarah's eyes had narrowed when I said hag. I chuckled internally.

" Um..well-- I don't know! But do you really think a person like my grandmother would know somebody like you're mother?"

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked, angrily, "How dare you insult my mother? She's dead! Have some respect!"

He shrugged coldly, "Not every death is a tragedy,"

And with that final sentence, he turned around and walked away. Sarah stood there shocked, like me. I couldn't believe that jackass had the nerve to say something like that.

How could he! He didn't even know my mother!

I couldn't take it anymore, all those warm fuzzy feelings had left as quickly as they came, replaced by seething anger, grief and shock.

I turned around and ran in the polar opposite direction of the way Will had walked. I had to get away from there, from him. I didn't want there to be the slightest chance of letting him see me cry, incase he came back. I didn't want him to get the satisfaction of hurting me.

I was positively bawling by the time I got to a door that led outside of this house. I took a deep breath and stepped outside, shaking from anger.

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