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"What's wrong?" The person asked, concerned.

"Who are you?" I whispered.

The person burst out laughing, and said, "I'm your babysitter! My name is Clara. Your mom had to go to the police station to answer some questions, and will be gone for a week because of an investigation. She said she just got the call this morning, so she didn't have time to tell you."

I relaxed a little. That did make sense. But then I remembered the note.

"Then who left me that note?" I asked suspiciously, staring up at Clara.

Clara stiffened. "What note?" She asked nervously.

I narrowed my eyes, and scrutinized her face, looking for any sign that would give her away. "You know what I'm talking about." I replied coldly.

"I have no idea; maybe you should show it to me." Clara said loudly, looking uncomfortable under my gaze.

She quickly turned her head away, but not before I saw a flash of fear in her green eyes. They were actually quite pretty eyes, but to me, they looked like dog puke. How gross! "She's involved." I murmured to myself. I began to wonder how many other people were involved.

Clara cleared her throat, "Why don't you show me the note?" She suggested, and then held out her hand.

I stared at her hand in disgust, as if it were a knife, ready to slice open my throat.

Slowly I got up and followed her into the kitchen, making sure she was in front of me so I could see her every move.

She walked in the kitchen, and headed to the table.

Suddenly there was a crash, as Clara tripped over a stool, and landed on the kitchen table. "Owwww…" She muttered, pulling herself up and rubbing her forehead with her left hand. Her right hand disappeared into her pocket.

My first instinct was to rush over and ask what was wrong, but I didn't want to touch her so I just asked slowly, "Are you alright?"

Clara nodded brightly. I gave her a disbelieving look. "I'm okay, really!" Clara insisted.

Then, Clara pointed at the kitchen table and said quickly, "I don't see any note!

I glared at her pointedly. "What?" She asked defensively, "Is there something wrong?"

"How did you know it was on the kitchen table?" I asked, frowning. I smiled slightly as I saw her panicked expression. Now I knew she was part of this.

Clara grimaced as she realized her mistake. "Good guess?" She offered feebly.

I rolled my eyes. By now all fear and misery was forgotten.

"Whatever, let's go watch some TV." I said. Clara obviously wasn't going to hurt me so there wasn't anything I could do. Plus it was kind of amusing to watch her flounder around helplessly.

Clara let out a sigh of relief and grinned. "What's your favorite show?" She asked.

"The Suite Life of Zack and Cody." I replied flippantly, jumping on the couch and grabbing the remote. I went to Disney Channel and groaned as Phineas and Ferb came on. It wasn't one of my favorite shows.

"Omigosh! Me too!" Clara said excitedly, clapping her hands.

I snorted. As if! She was at least 14 years older than me. She probably hadn't even heard about it before! Well this could be fun.

"That's great." I said happily, "Remember the episode where Cody chopped off Zack's head and then ate it?" I asked. "I loved it!"

Clara's smiled wavered. "Yea I loved that episode too! It was great." She said, in a voice so unenthusiastic and fake that even a baby would have found fault with.

I laughed, imagining a baby throwing its bottle at Clara and screaming, "You lie! You lie!"

"What?" Clara asked self consciously, running her fingers through her brown hair, here pointy witch nose twitching. To me, the boring brown color looked rather like mud.

"Oh nothing, nothing!" I waved her off, still chuckling to myself. I changed the channel. Drake and Josh was currently playing. Now THIS is a show I could enjoy! I sat back in the couch.

Suddenly the remote fell on the ground. I leaned over to get it and then tumbled off the sofa myself.

My head hit the ground painfully, and my body followed with a 'thump.'

"My head…"I groaned, pushing myself off the ground into a sitting position.

"Why are you on the ground?" Clara asked.

I almost laughed at her stupidity.

But I didn't, because my head hurt so much.

"Are you ok? Did you fall?"

I grit my teeth in frustration, struggling not to lash out at her.

"Did you fall?" Clara asked again.

"No…of course not! I just like tumbling onto the ground, bruising my head, and getting my clothes dirty!" I said sarcastically.

"Well…it's a dangerous habit. You could get a concussion you know!" Clara told me sternly.

"No way!" I deadpanned.

"Yea! Your brain will swell up and it you'll have a hard time remembering stuff!" Clara told me.

Oh my gosh this lady was just too clueless.

"Well I'm going to go upstairs to play on the computer okay? You can just watch T.V." I told her, tired of her stupidness.

I got up, and still rubbing my throbbing head, walked away. I winced as I felt a bump slowly rising.

Dingggg Dinggg Dingggg. I stopped. The phone continued ringing. Slowly, I walked into the kitchen and checked the number. I felt a wave of relief as I realized it wasn't a private number, so it probably wasn't the same person as before.

I picked it up and held it to my ear.

"Halaway Estates, may I help you?" I said politely.

"Yes, I'm looking for Clara Cardimone. I believe she is babysitting at this house?"

"She sure is." I replied, "Just a second."

I walked into the living room, and saw Clara sprawled across the sofa, her eyes glued on the T.V.

"Someone's looking for you." I told her, and dropped the phone on her stomach.

Then I turned on my heel and walked away.

"Thanks!" Clara called after me.

I began to go up the stairs, but then stopped dead in my tracks as I heard the words, "Boss, it's time."