Puppet Strings

Travis woke with a start. Someone was knocking on the door in an impatient rhythm. Rubbing his eyes, Travis glanced at the clock, and groaned.

"It's three in the morning," Travis muttered, but he pushed back his blanket and slid off the bed slowly. The knocks had turned to a loud banging.

"Okay, hold on, will you?" Travis shouted. With a second hesitation, he ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a knife from the cupboard. Just in case.

Travis rushed back to main door, and stopped. The knocks had ceased, and all was silent except for his own shallow breaths. He leaned against the door, pressing his ear against the wood. Nothing.

"Who is it," he said. In one hand he clenched the handle of the knife tightly. When no one replied, he repeated his question again, loudly.

"Who is it," he said. Again, only silence greeted him. With a sign of annoyance, he peered through the eye hole in the door, and immediately stumbled back, letting out a yell. A man was lying against the wall in a laid-back fashion, his hollow eyes staring straight at the eye hole. His shirt was torn, revealing a very bloody chest. Most shocking of all though, was a stained poster taped onto the wall right above the man's head. Written in large block red letters said, 'YOU'RE NEXT.'

Travis half ran, half stumbled back to his room and flicked the light switch. The lights above flickered on for a second, and then flickered off.

"Shit," whispered Travis. "This can't be a coincidence, no." He spotted the phone on his desk, and grabbed it, pressing it hard to his ear. There was no tone. He grabbed his cell phone, which was also lying on the desk. He closed his eyes, and flipped it open. A second passed, and he opened his eyes. The cell phone screen displayed a low battery message, and with a beep, turned black.

"You gotta be kidding me." Travis swore. His last resort was his laptop now. Shaking, he turned his laptop on.

"Please," he whispered, "please." The laptop started as usual, with no problems. With trembling fingers, he typed in his password to log in, and hit enter. The result greeted him with a shock. His desktop was wiped clean. Every document and program had been erased. His start menu was empty. Only a Word document that was untitled was displayed in the very center of the screen. With a moment's hesitation, Travis double clicked the document. Two words appeared in the center of the page, bold, and black.


AN//:: I don't think I've ever written a (horror?) story like this before. ...I'm pretty content with it :) Because I honestly have no idea of what's gonna happen next, this is going to stay a one-shot, for NOW. Reviews are appreciated - I would also be grateful for any ideas that you have for the composition of this story. If you read the summary, I want to include a romance and betrayal in here, and of course, the main plot is basically, Travis is being hunted, and he needs to hide and run, etc. What I'm stuck on is WHY he's being hunted - I'm really picky about 'realistic approaches' - there has to be a reason why people want him dead, etc. , otherwise, I don't see the point in writing this. Also, without a clear reason of why he's being hunted makes the process of writing it exceedingly more difficult, in my opinion. Again, reviews are greatly appreciated:)