Jonas sat at the windowsill watching the rain form in droplets on the pane. It rarely rained where he lived. But today was the marking of the first day of sacrifice. So the gods let it rain. It wasn't raining hard. Just sprinkling a little. But it still disappointed him.

"Hey Jonas," he turned to face his best friend Bryce. "I'm gonna go home pretty soon. Today is your day with the elders right?" Jonas sighed.

"Yeah, it's probably best if you leave now. That way I'll have some time to prepare." Bryce nodded in agreement and headed towards the door.

"I'll see you tomorrow Jonas," He called.

"Yeah," Jonas continued to watch the rain. Bryce and him had run to Jonas' dwelling area after their mentoring was complete, when it started to rain. They both knew what it meant. Jonas eyed the picture sitting on the wooden desk by the davenport. It was a picture of his sister...

"The Senate welcomes it's new speaker, Miss Emelia Braveheart." A round of almost silent applause sounded in the Senate building. A young looking woman sitting in the front row walked to stand behind the former speaker. "I am very honored to hand over my position of great important to this marvelous woman." Emelia stifled a laugh. He's lying, she told herself subconsciously. "...and as I relinquish my position, I want all of you to know that I enjoyed my job thoroughly..." More lies. "...but I am happy to finally be relieved," The only truth from his mouth yet. Before she knew it the introductions were over and the speaker had stepped down. It was her turn to talk.

"Members of the senate, because it is my first day, instead of discussing current events with you. Today I will be answering your questions." Emelia saw hands raise. She picked a plump looking man from the center section.
"What is your view on the political parties?" He asked her. Emelia pondered this for a moment. She hadn't been present here long enough to determine her view on the politics here.

"I remain neutral at this point," She responded. More hands rose, and more questions were answered. Hours went by and Emelia grew bored. After a couple more minutes she decided to adjourn the meeting.

"One more questions miss Emelia," She waited. "where do you stand on the subject of human..." The man was suddenly cut off by another man.

"Another discussion for another day, Senator Hayes." But Emelia had known what he was going to say, 'where do you stand on the subject of human sacrifices...' the phrase repeated over and over again in her mind. Human sacrifices...who was the sacrifice?

Today was the second day of sacrifice. Jonas had met yesterday with the elders, to learn his art. He had been selected to play an instrument, once called a piano. He listened carefully as his instructor went over the different keys, notes, flats, sharps. Jonas enjoyed listening to his instructor play, and he was learning quite quickly how to play it himself. Al of the years selected were required to learn an art, a language, and a weapon (only to become a suitable warrior. Jonas had been selected early on in the year and was prepared to fulfill his duty. It was raining harder today than it had yesterday.

"We're very proud of you son," His parents had said to him on the day of the selection.

"Yes it's very rare for two in the same family unit to be picked simultaneously." His sister had been selected in the year before him. But Jonas wasn't so sure it was any sort of honor. He continued eating his portions at the table, and when he was finished he left. In his room he started reading in his textbooks, he still thought he had so much more to learn. But there was so little time.
Tomorrow was the third day of sacrifice...Emelia stood in front of the Senate again, her face showed no signs of worry…yet. The Senate spoke in quiet voices.

"Members of the Senate, we will continue out discussion from yesterday," Emelia spoke in a confident tone. "Senator Hayes, you were meaning to ask me a question?" Emelia prayed what she feared would not be true, but she had read his mind.

"Yes Speaker, my question pertained to your views on human sacrifices," Emelia flinched, she had been right.

"What do you mean by that Senator?" She asked. One of the senate members spoke up.

"We were going to tell you eventually Miss," Emelia was surprised that the rest of the Senate was even aware.

"Explain this to me Senator Hayes," Emelia said.

"Speaker Emelia, once a year a pure human sacrifice is made," Emelia retained her composure.

"How are we using the word pure?" Emelia asked.

"A pure sacrifice, a virgin child, pure in mind and in body," Senator Hayes explained. Emelia faltered a little bit.

"I--I see," Emelia responded. "When do the sacrifices take place?" She asked, almost afraid of a response.

"Well, this just happens to be the week of sacrifice. At the end of this week, the ultimate sacrifice is made, the 'Sweet Sacrifice'," Emelia stepped down from the podium.

"Meeting adjourned."

The third day of sacrifice was here. It hadn't started raining yet but Jonas knew that soon enough it would start to storm. He had completed his courses in art and was now finishing the last of his tasks, weaponry. Jonas had chosen a unique style of weaponry that used iron chains to not only subdue your opponent, but also used to kill. He didn't think he would ever go to that extent though.

"Please pay attention Jonas!" The elder scolded him. Jonas turned his attention to the dummy he had been practicing on as an opponent. He had lashed it with so much strength it had broke open.

"I'm sorry Elder," Jonas responded whilst the maids cleaned up the sandy mess.

"Jonas, I don't know if you are ready for the day of sacrifice," The Elder told him

Neither do I elder, Jonas thought but did not say. Only two more days.

"I won't be making an appearance in the senate tonight Atena."

"Where are you going?" Atena asked."I'm going to the hall of records," Emelia gathered some papers from her desk.

"What for?" Atena asked.

"In one more day, a sacrifice will be made," Emelia responded.

"What kind?"

"The human kind," Atena was silent. "You will take my place," Emelia threw Atena some of her senate garbs.

"Ok, I guess," Atena responded half-heartedly.

"Should anything happen, you know you cannot discuss my whereabouts."

"Nothing will happen Madam Emelia," Atena bowed.

Emelia stared blankly at the book in front of her. Jonas A. Michael, was the next sacrifice. He was only twelve years old. His description was easy enough, black hair, blue eyes, slim build. The list went on and on, birth date, Dec 6, parents, Liz, and James. Physical features, dimples, dimples, a birthmark on his left shoulder blade, a freckle under his left armpit, a scar on his leg from falling out of a tree, he was circumcised. Things that weren't relevant, yet seemed to matter a great deal, and this was just Jonas' book. What am I to do? Emelia asked herself. I can't let this happen, the blood of an innocent child will not be on my hands.

Emelia had made up her mind, she was going to flee the city, and take Jonas with her. She closed the book of records and left the hall.

Jonas heard a knock on his door, that was strange, considering Jonas' training was complete for the day. He opened the door and found a tall woman standing there, with eyes and hair the same color as his.

"Jonas?" she asked him.

"Yes, that's me," Jonas bowed, showing respect for the woman.

"My name is Emelia, please come with me," she took Jonas' hand and pulled him into the streets of the thick forest lined city. After following her for a while Jonas spoke up.

"Where are we going?"

"You are in danger Jonas, they are planning on sacrificing you to the…" she was cut off.

"To the gods," Jonas said for her. "I know, I've been preparing this whole week for it."

"Well, I'm not going to let it happen!" Emelia said. Jonas stayed quiet.

"But If I don't die, everyone else does…"