she places her hand on my bare knee, smiling at me, the sick satisfaction clear on her face.


it's the game we used to play in high school. your hands start far away, and move closer to the prize, waiting for the person to get nervous. i'm not light weight at this. the other girls would get nervous before i did; usually the ones that were trying to make me nervous.

not yet, Barbie doll.

she hates when i call her that, but that's what she is. blond, skinny, with boobs too big for her height. she glares, and scrapes her finger nails further up my thigh.


the venom is clear in her smirk now. i'm just waiting for her to force herself inside of me.

not at all.

she digs two fingers into my pink flesh, and instead of the groan of pain she was praying for, i moan in lust.

fuck me harder, baby doll.

well, now she doesn't know what to do. how can you torture someone who won't let you torture them? i push back; three fingers into her flesh.

how's this feel?

she squirms.

it's not supposed to work like this.


well Barbie, not everything turns out the way it's supposed to.

do not ask questions, for i do not know.