Splish. Splash. Splosh.

Trickles of cool water,

Slide down my face,

Lacking the salt that is usually in the water trailing down my face.

Soaked, cold

Wonderfully cold in the pattering rain,

The wind whistling through the trees.


Of course I'm not wearing a jacket.

So, what?

I don't care if my hair is wet.

And you're point is?

This is the best I've felt in months

One step forward.

The cold cement feels good under my foot.


The water lifts and falls back into the puddle.

Little kids jumping in puddles.

Don't they know that life's not that sweet?

You can't go jumping through puddles all your life,

Eventually you're going to slip and fall.

One more step.

This is as close as I'm going to get.

The cold cement comes up to meet my knees.

There it is.

The salt mixed in with the water

The kind of water I'm used to falling down my face.

But this time.

I feel good.