i find inspiration in the most ridiculous things and places. this one's actually about a starfruit...and oddly enough, i was eating it outside, under the stars, at my uncle's place out in north carolina. i could see practically every constellation.

flesh hued yellow-green and waxy,
darker edges lining softness,
fragile in your hands.
scent like roses and purity, sweet,
sweet, sweet and sticky palms.
fruit and serenity, bitten the moon shaped like a three-dimensional
star, fallen from the deep cobalt sky.
drops of rain and tears and the sad smiles
rivaled the bittersweet pulp and
she kissed away the sweet-sour juice running down my chin.
it tastes like tears and sweet smiles, these night-filled secretive
days of me and you, love.

the sweetness erases the betrayal
of that night in the garden of eden
and the adrenaline afterglow of love and arson
remained as we walked away from the burning perfection.