I got this x where my heart resides

It's funny to look at it's path in strides

From finish to start it's curious in reverse

Almost as if it's a massacre with words

Across the hills and the cinder of the sea

I am not quite sure what swept over me

In the south lies a bridge that runs off the page

Or maybe that's just tears turned to a bitter jade

Almost as if by mechanic contraption

It consumes the beasts that resemble me most

Roaming the north in the mid of a storm

This monster has found it's prey

I'll leave you this map with a compass beside

It'll rid the world of your forsaken lies

Trapped in a chest with jewelry and music

A box is found that never lets

Play my tracker and I your pray

You see where my heart began on that day

It's not soon till falter that you see the time

Half past love and your mind is mine

That's what you get with aurora binds

A feeling of wisps

Glow worms

And lines