Smoke curled through his lips slipping out into the steamy summer air. Lifting the Whiskey on the rocks to his lips he gulped, letting the cool liquid refresh his parched throat. He ground the butt into the ashtray, dropped a ten on the table, and left the drink sweating on the cocktail napkin.

She watched him stumble away from the bar and shook her head. "What a shame" She whispered to her brother.

He shrugged, "What'd ya spect?" Greasy, shaggy hair fell off his shoulder. "Look 'round."

"Andrew," her voice was patronizing, as always with him, "there are many very fine people here. Look at those nice boys playing pool."

He cracked a smile and winked at her. "Those nice boys would eat you for lunch." He left her at the table and found a seat at the bar.

'No matter', she thought cheerily, 'I don't mind waiting while he visits with his bartender friend.' Her curly brown hair bounced happily around the edges of her bright rosy cheeks. Her green eyes darted around taking in each face in the dim smoky room.

Aiming carefully he looked over the top of the eight ball and caught her watching him. Standing up he leaned over to his buddy keeping her gaze. "Who's the princess?" he whispered.

"That's Andy's little sister."

Johnny grinned. "You're kidding right?" Setting the stick on its end he ran his fingers through his tangled hair and drew it into a ponytail. He aimed again, called, and sank the eight ball. "That's game." He grabbed his leather jacket and the twenty just won from the pub table and sauntered over to her.

"Damn hot in here eh?" he cleared his throat and continued, "What's your name?" He swung one of the chairs around and mounted it backwards, leaning toward the table. He picked up her drink, examined it and took a swallow. A slow grin turned up the corners of his mouth, "Diet coke? Wanna nother? I'm buyin'." Without waiting for a response he headed to the bar.

"Hot sis you got there Andy. Where you bin hidin' her?" He nudged Andy.

Andy sized up the biker. "Leave her alone Johnny. She's a baby."

"Aw And! Why'd you bring her here? Musta been lookin' for somethin'." Johnny didn't bother to expel the effort to finish words or wait for responses. He didn't bother with much.

"Leave her alone, I mean it." Andy stood nose-to-nose with Johnny at the bar. "She's visiting from Madison, and I have to return her the way I got her, in one piece."

"Madison?" Johnny laughed, "You're from Madison? This is gettin' good." He took the fresh drink and headed back to the table with Andy on his heels.

"I gotcha somethin' better." He set the glass in front of the girl with the crisp white blouse. "You're gonna like this. C'mon now, drink up."

"I don't think we've been introduced." She straightened her lacy peter-pan collar and put out a manicured hand. "Andrew, would you do the honors?"

Johnny burst out laughing while Andy mumbled her name and intercepted her hand. "Say goodbye to Johnny, we're going home."

"No," She protested with a pout, "I'd like to visit a while longer." Smiling sweetly at both men she added politely, "Please." Sipping her drink she coughed from the generous portion of 151 he'd added. "Oh my, that is," she paused, coughed and added, "different. What is it?"

"Just the finest booze in the place for the finest lady." Johnny responded trying to sound smooth and suave. "Andrew," he grinned mischievously "told me you're from Madison." Not waiting for confirmation he added, "How 'bout I show you 'round here?" reverting to his usual lazy language.

"That would be lovely." She smiled and before another word was said Johnny took her hand and they headed out the door. Andy followed grabbing Johnny's arm.

Johnny spun and glared. "Hey dude, you crazy?"

"You better not touch her Johnny, or I'll kill you. Don't doubt it."

Johnny winked, "I promise." And goofily added, "Scouts honor."

"Oh were you in the boy scouts?" She smiled expectantly.

"Yeah, right" he snickered, "and I was…" Andy's sharply aimed elbow to his ribs kept him from finishing the cliché. "Hey dude. Knock it off." Johnny ebbed his enthusiasm. "Dude, she'll be back. Really."

"Don't touch her, or I will kill you." Andy growled quietly. Johnny understood. Brash as he was, he knew Andy's reputation, and respected it, somewhat.

"No worries And." Johnny returned his attention to her, patiently waiting and still smiling. "Nice bike eh? Harley." He pointed to his ride.

"Oh, I couldn't possibly." She started but he scooped her up around her waist and hoisted her in front of him on the hog.

"Sure you could." He commented firing up the engine while she hastily adjusted her peasant skirt to protect her legs and dignity. "Hang on baby."

Andy watched the gravel kick up behind them and the dust as they disappeared down the road. He stomped back inside.

When she was able to hear her thoughts over the sound of the motor she shouted, "Shouldn't we be wearing helmets?"

"That's what ponytails are for." He yelled into her ear, but slowed and pulled over. "Yeah, maybe you should ride back. Your hair is ruinin' my view." He dismounted, grabbed her hips, slid her back on the seat, climbed on front and started up again. She grabbed him around the waist and clung tightly, hiding her face behind his broad shoulders to protect her from the wind. Eventually she opened her eyes and began to take in the view. The distant mountains grew closer, the green of the trees were a blur as they turned off the road down a dusty path. She was sweating wherever her skin touched his leather and shifted her arms often to relieve the stickiness.

Not just anyone could handle a big bike on the trails like him. He wound through the narrowing path upwards, going over and around the increasingly larger rocks hampering the climb. Trees grew denser and bush branches occasionally grabbed her skirt. Slowing he pulled the bike into an open flat area where the view spanned for miles. He set the bike on its stand and climbed off, not waiting for her. Throwing his jacket on the front fender he wandered to the edge. He could have fun with her here, he thought, or at least scare the life out of her.

Facing her he sized her up. She was fussing over her hair, straightening her skirt and adjusting her blouse which, now sweaty, clung to her skin revealing hints of the colored bra beneath. He considered his options and watched her clumsily attempt to walk in her heels across the rough path. She stumbled and he reached for her, letting himself brush her breast with his arm. Looking up at him she smiled sweetly in spite of the menacing look in his eyes. He smelled musky. Sweat dripped across his shoulders. His stained white Dago Tee clung to his muscular chest. She shivered.