i'd rather waste my time with you –
and sometimes the cruel smiles are only the mask

you were the only one, alone and i know you loved it but
still i think you hated that loneliness.

i was the only one left and the broken mirror.
use me as you will.
your careless laughter swells in my head, mocking,
we were once carefree. but now we've nothing to lose.

your rough edges seem to fit to my shattered pieces,
and your apathy somehow fills my cracks.

and i try to stop feeling but it's just so hard
so i burn and burn and i feel like i'm
ceasing to exist
tell me, would you notice?

should've done something at the start
but the words fade before they're spoken and
if you know what i think of when i'm not looking down…

and i refuse to stop but
i guess i'm still asleep
sleeptalking about how i wish you were still close to me
spilling all my smothered secrets and long-lost dreams

this is really all that we have.
dawn, twilight, darkness, night…
it's all we have left.

i think i'm still lost.