Shattered Dreams

Prologue: Full Moon

It was night, with the bright moon casting down it's silver rays, helping to illuminate the dark world. Not that the numerous city lights didn't already serve this purpose, it's just that a full moon was always a beauty to behold. Not that such trivial matters had any meaning to this man, as his hawk like eyes took in the landscape of the city.

He stood on the edge of a fifty floor building, the wind casually playing with his onyx hair, his charcoal eyes scanning the city below him. Power gleamed within those eyes, as they settled in on his target. With naught but a sigh, he leapt off the building, the ground coming ever closer. People in the building looked on with a mixture of shock, horror, and excitement. Humans, after all, are a violent race, attracted to death and disaster.

They would, however, be met with a more shocking, if less entertaining, sight. Rather than a crumpled, bloody body, the mystery man was completely unharmed, as if the drop had been a mere foot. The man increased his pace, ignoring the shocked looks of those around him. He had much more important business to occupy himself with.

He was running now, time running thin for his mission. Slipping past the crowd, he sprinted right, his destination growing ever closer. Skidding to a halt by an alley, an arrogant smirk was present on his face. A grotesque creature, looking like it was something straight out of Hell, had a young girl pinned to the wall, it's giant green tongue slowly caressing her throat, while it's sharp teeth shone in the light.

It's eyes were twin pits of flame, a burning crimson in the faint light. They gleamed with hunger, and intelligence, rather akin to the eyes of a wolf. It had a rather muscular body, one built for the hunt and killing of other creatures.

The creature towered over the girl, a good two feet taller than her, it's red skin almost glowing in the dark. It's teeth were huge, three to four inches long, but it's claws were even bigger, nearly half a foot long and sharp enough to cut through steel with ease. The girl looked terrified, tears running down her face, fear ruining her pretty features. Time to get to work.

With one deft movement, a four foot long katana was in the man's hands, and he dashed forward. He leapt into the sky, twisting in midair, bringing his katana down to cleave the demon asunder. The katana easily cut through the demon, spilling it's blood all over him and the girl. He stared into her emerald eyes, trying to calm her, as the halves of the demon fell to the floor, disappearing into the breeze as ash.

"My name is Sora," he said, his voice light, in an attempt to calm this girl, who must be experiencing the whole moment of her entire life. "What's yours?" She made an attempt at speech, but could only manage to whimper and shutter. "Every things going to be okay," His charcoal eyes were boring into her emerald ones. He could see the fear the orbs reflected. "You're safe now."

Hands tightly wrapped themselves around his neck, and there was suddenly a wet warmth on his chest. The girl had hugged him. His only response in such a situation was to hold her tightly, allowing her to use his body in any she deemed fit. The girl sobbed, her tears soaking Sora's black shirt, creating a wet spot. Not that Sora minded, of course.

"What's your name?" he gently whispered into her ear when her sobbing had subsided. She was shaking, rather like a leaf in the storm, though the tears had long ago run dry. "My name is. . ." The poor girl trailed off, breaking out in tears once more, cascading down her cheeks like a waterfall.

The demon, while a weak one, still excluded an aura that brought grown men to their knees in fear. It was as much a weapon as their claws, or teeth. It could effectively disable a normal human being, and this girl was suffering it's effects.

"My name is Haruka." Her quiet voice shook Sora from his musings, as her emerald eyes stared into his own, a determined look in them. "Well, it's a pleasure, Haruka."