You say we're wrong for what we believe
Your arms are chained to the book you worship
Your head is bent down in a death lock from hell
Your eyes can't see the life we dance through

What you say may be true
But forgive me if I'd rather love
The nature I was brought up to exist in

You say that God is in everything, all life, all death
Lift your head up and look at the world
You'll see that His beauty is all that we see
Snap your eyes from the passages and your mind from conventional
See the lies in the truth; see the world as we do
You say our gods are evil
What we worship is wrong
You say Satan is behind this
You've believed for so long
Perhaps what we see isn't what you believe
You'd prefer the norm; the corruption you haven't seen

Pull your eyes from a psalm and look up to the sky
See the moon casting light; see the stars shining through
See the clouds rest along, feel the rain on your face
Feel the cycles of Earth, let the life form show
Breathe the magick of the Goddess; know the power of the God
Let the beauty of The One unite you in force
Open your heart to the idea of another way of life

If your eyes are still glued down
And your words still have hate
We won't pray for your souls, because we know they're not lost
We won't treat you with disgust, because we know you're not wrong
If you still believe you have done no sin
Look at the life you're living today
And remember to snap the chains someday
Just once
To see the beauty that Life has for you.

Note from the author: If you are a Christian who has already snapped the chains, this one isn't for you.