Little Angel

By Shawna Haney

For Kesha

In the silence of night,

While all was sleeping

A little angel was tucked in tight,

The heart beating.

It wasn't fair of God

To take away a life that had barley lived,

It feels so odd

To be gived,

The gift of life,

And to have your little angel taken away,

It must have struck you like a knife,

To realize this will be your last day,

To kiss

And say

That you will miss,

Your little angel everyday,

And how much you love,

The little angel with all your heart,

God little gift from above,

Taken away with a drat to your heart.

For reasons yet unknown,

Leaving behind a darken tone,

Not that we could ever understand,

Why the little angel's now in God's hands.

So all I can do is pray,

For my dear friends,

Who are to lay,

Their little angel in the ground today.

Feel free to cry,

Or even to scream and yell,

When you realize it's not a lie,

Just don't forget to tell,

Your little angel yet

Again, that you will always love,

Your little gift from above,

But you weren't set,

To say your good-byes,

For a very long time,

And now the little angel is above in the sky,

And it's time,

To say good-bye,

To soon for ones self,

When you would rather lie

To yourself,

And not believe that your baby is gone,

And on the eighteenth of February,

For two very long hours that will be going on,

The hardest thing in your very

Long life today,

A little angel is taking up wings in the hearts

Of a lot of people today,

With the toss of a dart.

The love you have will,

Never be lost, or forgotten,

And will fill

The ache that will never be forgotten.

So with the help of your friends

and this pray I send to you,

with all the love you knew,

this I write is the end.

Keep your feelings close to your heart,

And send your best wishes forward,

Let your next day start,

As you look on towards

The sunrise

And a deep blue sky,

Where your little angel flies,

In the clouds so high.

Good bye little angel,

We send,

I love you angel,

Just so you no in the end.

Good bye

I hope you like it up high

In Gods wonderful sky

Where you will wait and fly,

Until you see

The people who love you

Fall to their knees

And hug you

In heaven when the time comes

For them to join you

Their love will some

Up everything you new.

For you were their

Little angel that they love

Even when life isn't fair

And you were taken to God above.