I'd managed to borrow a key from reception into his room, they were expecting me too, as well as him. Everything was going to plan, but I was still extremely nervous. I'd bought everything that I needed with me, and I'd made sure I had enough time to get changed.

I walked up a few flights of stairs and passed quite a few other rooms. Eventually I found myself to his room, number 87. I put the card into the slot on the door and the light lit green, always a good sign.

I put my bag down on the double bed, took my coat off and placed it over the nearest chair. I certainly wouldn't need my coat, I'd be warm enough soon. I went back towards the bed and opened my back. I took out a bottle of wine, chocolate, strawberries, candles and what I was going to be wearing shortly. I put the food and wine into the fridge to keep it cool until he returned. He was expecting me, but I can't imagine that he was expecting all this.

I took my clothes and walked into the bathroom. I took off all of my clothing until I was left naked. I looked at myself in the mirror, making sure that everyone was as perfect as it could be. He deserved nothing less. I saw a bathrobe hanging from the wall, it was his, but I'm sure that he wouldn't mind me wearing it for a short while. I spent the next twenty minutes doing my hair and make-up. He had always told me that I didn't need to "dress-up" for him, I thought that was extremely sweet, but it bought me more confidence if I felt good about the way I looked, and having my make-up and hair done, made me feel this way, and confidence was the one thing that I definitely needed tonight. I made my eyes really pretty, he loved my eyes and I put some lipbalm on, which made my lips really soft and the lipbalm was made to taste like a cocktail, so hopefully he would enjoy that as much as me. I felt really good about myself now and thought I deserved a glass of wine. It was an expensive bottle, but he deserved it. It tasted really good too.

I spent a few minutes just relaxing on the bed, which was so comfortable. I wasn't used to having all the space of a double bed either. I heard my phone vibrating so I went to look and I received a text. He told me that he was going to be back in about fifteen minutes. Perfect. This would give me just enough time to get changed and make sure that everything was ready.

So I walked back into the bathroom with the clothes I had bought with me. I took off the bathrobe and hung it back on the wall, leaving my scent on it. I pulled on the french knickers, that were black, lacy and made of a very thin material with a blue ribbon on the side. They fitted really nicely and made my legs look good. I then put on my bra which was a dark blue, with black lace detail with a blue ribbon in the middle.

I sprayed my perfume all over my neck and on my chest. I felt really special, and hopefully that feeling would continue.

I poured another glass of wine for him and put the strawberries by the side of the bed. I'd save the chocolate for later.

So I held my glass of wine, and rested my back against the pillows with my smooth legs stretched out on top of the covers. He wouldn't be long now and I was hoping that this would surprise him. I knew he'd been out drinking with friends, so we would have some fun.

I waited another few minutes and then I heard someone at the door. It must be him. He called my name as he was opening the door, I smiled to myself but I stayed silent. He walked through the door, and closed it behind him. He saw me and he smiled. I think he liked what he saw. I leaned over the bed to where I had put the extra glass of wine, and I held it and offered it to him.

"Babe, come join me," I said, whilst I patted the space on the bed next to me.

He walked towards me, still admiring what I was wearing, and he sat on the bed next to me, and took the glass of wine and took a sip from it.

"Wow, Grace, you look amazing," he complimented me. I put my finger to his lips and told him to be quiet. His lips were really soft and I couldn't wait to kiss them.

I sat up, and leaned towards him, and put my right leg over him so I was straddling him. I took another sip of my wine and he took another sip from his glass. I then took the wine off him, I want his hands on me and not the glass. He put his hands on my hips and he couldn't take his eyes off my bra. I leaned in closer to him, so my breasts were touching his chest. I put my hands on either side of his face and leaned just a little bit closer. He parted his mouth slowly expecting me to kiss him straight away, but I wasn't going to give him that satisfaction yet! I brushed my bottom lip against his top lip to tease him, all the time I was looking right into his eyes. His hands were cold and he moved them so that he was running them up and down my back, touching a spot that I loved, making me move even closer to him. I moved my hands round to the back of his neck and he began to moan. I loved this. I carried on touching the back of his neck, then I closed my eyes and went to kiss him. There was so much electricity and passion between us when our lips met.

His hands were on my back and he pushed me closer to him. I could fill his huge cock getting harder and we began to kiss more passionately. We began to run out of breath so we slowed down the kiss and it became deeper, and he moved his tongue into my mouth and let out a small moan. This kiss was amazing, I think he did like the taste of that lipbalm.

He then moved his hands up to the clasp of my bra. He did a very good job of un-doing my bra and he brushed the straps off my shoulders and my bra fell inbetween us and revealed my breasts. I felt a little embarrassed but he whispered to me, "Wow, baby." Which made me feel more confident. He held my back and supported me whilst he leaned my way, which made me lean back. He then held me until my back was resting on the bed and I had moved my legs from underneath me. He was now on top of me. I asked him to take his top off, he did as he was told.

He kissed my lips again, then moved onto my cheek and then started moving further down until he was kissing my neck. I moved my head to the side so there was more for him to kiss. I could help but moan as he began to suck on my soft skin. He left marks on my neck, claiming me as his, and no one else's. He then began to move further down my body, reaching my breasts. My nipples had were beginning to become hard as I was becoming more and more turned on. He ran his tongue over my right breast, it felt so good. He carried on and focused his tongue on my nipple, making them both go harder, especially that one. He then started kissing it, all around and once again, I couldn't help but moan. This was supposed to be me showing him a good time but it was the other way around! He paid lots of attention to my breasts, at some point moving to my left breast. My hands were running through his hand and grabbing on tight when I moaned. He then began to move his mouth even further down my body. His kissed my belly and then he began to kiss just above the top of my french knickers. He put his hands on either side of my body and he was going to pull down my panties. I called his name, he looked up to me. I told him to take his trousers off for me. He kissed me through my knickers and took his trousers off, leaving him in his boxers and me in my panties, for now.

He got back onto the bed and he returned into the position he was in before. He slowly pulled down my panties, he was teasing me now! As he was taking them off, he was leaving a trail of kisses down my right leg. It felt so wonderful, I didn't want him to stop. He pulled my panties down and he pulled them over my feet. I was completely naked now and I was all his. I would let him do anything to me. He began his trail of kisses up my left leg this time, reaching my inner thigh and gently moving closer to my pussy. He looked up at me, I had my eyes closed. He then began to lick my clit and my legs were squirming, it felt so good. I let him know that by moaning his name. He then moved further down and started licking me out. Fucking hell, I couldn't have asked for much more. He was so good at this. I was starting to get so wet, wet enough for him to put a finger inside me. It felt so good having him touch me. He then put another finger inside me and started to move them quicker and he started to use more force with his tongue. I really did love this, and he knew it. He carried on licking me out for a while, and I was getting wetter and wetter. I wanted him inside me. My moaning got louder and I told him that I wanted his big cock inside me soon.

He stopped and moved up so that we were face to face. I kissed him, with so much passion. At this point, I was so horny. I put my hands on the back of his neck and ran them through his hair whilst his cock was pressing against my pussy. I needed him.

I started to sit myself up, and he moved back. I was in a position now where I could take off his boxers. I slowly took them off, whilst kissing his lips. I could now feel his cock, it was so hard. It felt so good. I threw his boxers across the room, he wouldn't need them for a good while. I rang my hand up and down his cock, making him moan.

We were both naked. I loved it.

"Baby, will you make love to me?" I asked.

"No need to ask..." was his reply.

He pulled me close to him so we were kissing and then he held me and rolled us both over so that he was on top. He looked into my eyes and slid his cock into my wet pussy. It felt so good and he really filled me up. He began to move in and out of my slowly, gently and he kept kissing me as I was running my hands down his back.

We continued to make love for a long time, he was kissing my lips, my face and my neck and I had my legs wrapped around him so he could slide his cock in me deeper, hitting the right spot. I told him that I was very close to coming, he told me he was too and he could feel my pussy becoming tighter around his cock. We both came together and it was incredible. I was almost close to tears as it happened.

He kissed my lips so gently and looking deep into my eyes, he whispered, "I love you so much." I told him I loved him too and we kissed for a while afterwards. We ended up talking about everything until 4am and of course we finished the bottle of wine and ended up eating the strawberries and having fun with the chocolate.

I'd spent another amazing night with the love of my life.