Give me something free

Last night we caught ourselves talking about the future

I can't wait to stop talking about things like that

You cackle madly, reminding me of a crow


Take me, take me away from here

Come by me, won't you please and we can scale the walls of forever

I don't care about all the promises we made

I don't care how hard the inside of your hands are

As long as they hold me, through the storm


I'm convinced that this is the first day of the rest of my life

And I considered being scared, only for a moment

But I shook the thought from my brain, sighed deep

And put my oldest shoes on and headed down the road


Half way down you caught my eye

I found you on top of a mushroom cloud

Looking mad like always, a smile between your teeth

Your eyes matched the moon perfectly


You dug a bare foot into the sand and asked me where I was going

I laugh and dangle my toes over the water

"I'm going home." I stomp my feet in the water

It showers back around us like a fails rain


I cut all my nails short, they barely meet the surface now

We philosophize, trying to consider, what makes girls so small

And boys so tall, and skies so far and colors so bright

I consider asking while your head melts into mine


You lose your shoes somewhere between

The last stop light of the road, and me

I lost my soul between your legs

Of course, that's a lie