Because I'm incredibly bored, and this won't go away. :)

A guy writing about a girl he loves.

1. I love how you always have to brush your hair out of your eyes.

I hate how I never get to do it myself.

2. I loved it when you fell asleep on my chest in the back of the van on the way back from that concert.

I hated it when she called me and wanted to talk to you.

3. I love it when you laugh, especially when it's at something I've said.

I hate it when you cry, and I can't get you to stop.

4. I love it when you chew on your nails, because it shows how perfectly you, you are.

I hate it when I see the scars on your wrists.

5. I love it when you yell. I shouldn't, because you're usually mad at me, but your eyes get so bright and your face gets red.

I hate it when other people yell at you. That's why I nearly killed Kyle in 10th grade for calling you a slut.

6. I loved it that time we had the water balloon fight, and afterwards we just lay on the grass for hours, watching the sky.

I hate thinking that one day, you might do that with someone else.

7. I love how you always wear the necklace I bought you, and twirl it around while you think.

I hate that you might not be thinking of me.

8. I love to see you at school, banging on your locker door because you can't get it to open.

I hate to think that this is the last year I get to see that.

9. I love it when our eyes meet in class, and we stare at each other for a few moments before breaking the connection, turning and laughing.

I hate it when she catches us doing that.

10. I love how loyal you are to everyone, but only because I count in that everyone.

I hate how loyal you are to her, because even if I were to break up with her, we could never be.

I love you.