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WARNING! This story is a Yaoi story (a.k.a Boyxboy), it has lemon (aka sex) and rape (aka... wait, you should already know what that is!) and bondage and what not, if you don't like this then STOP READING NOW! You have been officially warned.

Chapter I

Aiden's story

My name is Aiden Cassidy, I'm 15 years old and I live with my drug addicted father. My mother died when my sister, Riley, was born when I was 2, I never got to know either of them. My father sold my sister just a few months after she was born, just so he could pay off the bills and rid his life of my sister. I thought he would just sell me too, but so far that day hasn't come. My father doesn't beat me or force me into sex, he keeps to himself and away from me. Sometimes I think that maybe if I go to the authorities they would take me away from my father and give me to a new family so I could start over… but nowadays, not even the police can't be trusted, most policemen today either rape you or beat you till your knocked senseless, but I'm not going to get into that. I do everything around the house from cooking meals to cleaning the bathroom, when I get older I want to go to a culinary school and become a famous chef! But with just my income to live on, I can barely afford buying normal high school books. I work at a small coffee shop, taking orders and then delivering them. When the manager, Mr. Case leaves on business trips or goes on vacation, he normally leaves the coffee shop under my care, but today that was not the case.

"AIDEN! GET THE MILK FROM THE REFRIDGERATOR IN THE BACK!" Neal Connors, a new employee that just started working a week ago today, has pretty much taken over everything. I hate him with all my heart, he's arrogant, narrow minded and worst of all, the most popular guy in school. All of the kids in school come to this coffee shop just so they can see him! And I swear once or twice he's brought a few of his friends in the back room and talked or made out with girls while on his shift! Then I'm left with the whole shop to take care of with at least 50 people wanting their orders at the same time as everyone else!

"I'm getting it!" I yelled back at Neal. I don't normally do what he tells me to, but sense I was already in the back room, why not get it? The shop was pretty much empty today, so I was hoping to close up shop early, so I could have some time by myself before I had to get home.

"HURRY UP!" Neal yelled. I could hear him starting to walk back here to get it himself, so I started walking to the front to give it to him.

"Here," I said, thrusting the milk jug into him.

He grabbed it and glared at me "You take forever," he growled.

I shrugged and walked to the front counter, there was only one costumer in the shop right now, an old woman with thin gray hair "Good day, 'mam." I said grinning at her. She was a regular costumer and she was always very nice.

She smiled back at me "Good day, Aiden," she said "How are you doing?"

"I'm good, just ready for my shift to end," I replied.

The old woman chuckled and put a 20 dollar bill on the counter and pushed it towards me "I want you to take this and have some fun with it, alright?" she said.

I looked at her confused "I don't need it 'mam," I said and pushed it back to her.

"No, no, I insist, just think of it as a tip for your constant politeness," she said refusing to take it back.

"Here you are," Neal said handing the woman a cup of coffee "Have a nice day!"

The woman grinned at Neal and took a sip of her coffee "Thank you, young man," she said and turned on her heels "I'll be back tomorrow," and with that she left the coffee shop leaving me and Neal alone in the shop.

I grabbed the money the woman had given me before Neal had a chance to see it and steal it from me, like he normally did when someone would give me tips. "So I was thinking of closing early, alright?" I said taking my apron off.

"Fine with me," Neal said "Oh, and I'm not coming in tomorrow, you can take care of everything."

WHAT?! NO WAY! THIS IS HIS JOB TOO! I thought "Why?! I'm not taking over your shift too!" I protested.

"Because I have things to take care of!" Neal replied "Besides, it's just going to be like today! Why do both of us have to suffer?"

"So you get to go off and have fun and I get stuck here? That doesn't seem fair!" I was pissed now.

"Life's not fair, you're going to have to deal with it!" Neal said before darting out the door. I followed behind him and saw him jumping into the back of a car with about 5 other people laughing and zoomed off down the street.

"He has no idea what life is," I said to myself and sighed. I locked the doors to the shop and walked off the opposite way Neal and his friends went. I had about an hour to myself, something I never had. I have no idea what I want to do now.

Maybe I should just go home… there's nothing else to do… I walked a few blocks, my house wasn't very far from the shop, hopefully my dad wouldn't be home or would be too stoned to notice I came home.

My house is very hard to miss, it's the only one that looks run down and abandon, I try to fix it up, but I don't have the time to do it like when I was a kid and not in school. I walked up the moss covered steps that lead to my house and up the blackened stoop and opened the door.

It was always unlocked; my father would always forget the key so we just never bothered to lock it. I walked in my home and looked around, my father was normally sitting on the couch watching TV with a cigarette in his mouth, but I couldn't see any smoke and nor was my dad in his chair. Guess he's out I thought and walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

My room was very plain, with a bed, a desk, mirror and a small chest of droors, my walls were white and there was one window on the far side of the room. I had a few things that my mother had owned, but I had to hide them from my father, on the off occasion that he came into my room and he happened to find them, he'd most likely burn my mother's things.

I jumped onto my bed and stared up at my ceiling, just thinking about random things, like what I was going to cook for dinner, what my plans were going to be for tomorrow, things that don't really matter.

I heard the front door open and then close again Dad must be home I thought and sat up waiting to hear the TV turn on. But I heard two people talking to each other and then walk up the stairs. I watched crack under my door and saw shadows standing in front of my door. Then my father opened the door to my room and walked in "Aiden, get up," he ordered. Another man, probably in his mid twenties walked in behind my dad. I looked at the man, I didn't recognize him and he didn't look like some one who deals drugs. He looked very professional with a striped blazer and a slight grin on his face. "Get up," My father ordered again. I stood up off my bed and waited for further instruction.

"Good afternoon, Aiden," the man said bowing slightly and then turned to my father "Yes, this is the boy," he said grinning "I'll contact you later for the details, don't hurt his pretty little face either, no one wants damaged goods."

"Don't worry, I've never laid a hand on him," My father said "neither has anyone else."

The man's grin widened "That's a bonus," he said "Alright then, I'll be off." He turned and left the room, down the stairs and out the door.

My father turned to me "You can go back to what ever it was you were doing," he said and turned to leave the room.

"Who was that?" I asked before he had a chance to leave.

"A new friend I met today," my father responded.

"Why did he want to see me?" I asked, it wasn't every day that some stranger just walks into my room with my father.

"He wanted to make sure you were the right kid," my father replied and started out the door.

"What did I do?!" I asked a little worried, did I do something subconsciously to something that man owned? Or maybe I insulted someone at school and that man happened to be their father. I couldn't remember what I did.

"Nothing, he was just checking something, forget it," with that he left and went down the stairs to the living room and turned on the TV.

I closed the door and laid back down on my bed. What was that about? I thought It couldn't have just been a random thing… I closed my eyes and my stomach started feeling weird.

Crap, I think I'm sick I thought. No more then 10 minutes later, I had caught a fever and my throat was raw. I was thinking of trying to get some rest and try to sleep the fever off, but I still had to cook dinner… But was too tired, I could barely lift my head off my pillow.

I sighed, maybe my dad would forget about dinner all together, get high and fall asleep. I hoped that would be what would happen. But I'd just have to cook a larger breakfast in the morning, I could do that if I didn't get sick.

I took a deep breath and tried to get some sleep, but I couldn't even get close to sleeping.

Maybe I should skip school… I thought. That would probably be the best idea if I didn't feel good in the morning.

I chuckled realizing that I had a bunch of tests the next day, what good timing!

I tried to doze off again, this time I was successful, and I fell into a deep sleep.

Dreaming about my dream family that I would always dream of every night.

That was the only thing that I looked forward to when I had to get to sleep.

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