We'd fit together...
An apple and its core, a lantern and its light
A sleep and its dreams, a planet and its moons.

Tumbling through the deepest parts of space,
Wheeling and spinning in oblivion, gravity drags
At our heels, but it cannot hold us. It cannot bind us.
Two stars, falling (or are they flying?) in eternal orbit,
Each revolving around the other in graceful denial of
All that wishes constriction. "Balance", they could say,
As they watch the stars collide from their lawn chairs
On the ground, balancing books by Galileo on their knees,
They watch the light show in the sky. But we are oblivious,
Turning as we do, vision encompassing so much more than
The usual perspective. I bet, if these cosmic eyes strained hard enough,
I could see my house from here.

It's almost as dark here as it is in space, I muse.
Here, under the sheets, and I can reach out a knowing hand
And touch your face inches from mine, as familiar as if
I'd touched a mirror. There are no stars here, save for two,
Glimmering chocolate brown and luminescent in
The centimeter of abyss that is the space between us.
At their middles dwell two pupils, two black holes,
Pulling me irresistibly into their depths.
And in the midst of it all, a whisper finds its way to me
Along the communication lines between Earth and the moon:
"We fit together." you say.
"Like a zipper," I say, and you grin,