A Secret That Should Have Been Left Untold

By deadkitty1

Eyes horrid with darkness,

As his words woven to confess,

Caught red-handed for his lies,

Her soul screams out and dies,

Each day passes by with heart full of suspicion,

Yet the world spins trudgingly performing its mission,

The trust that has gone buried and misplaced,

Has made the mind clear of the reality that needs to be faced,

Scars left behind are fresh and unfading,

Thoughts become compulsions that are constantly biting,

Stuck in a routine having to fake smiles,

Hopes and dreams have been put off for miles and miles,

A sad life slowly appears like a nurturing tumor,

Lastly it begins to swallow the last remnants of humor,

A shell left behind cracked and brittle,

With no one noticing; not even a little.