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Chapter 1: Those Eyes

"You're heartless Keila. I don't care what you may think, but I know what you are, and you are heartless."

Tiana and I stood in front of the ceiling to floor mirror, leaning against the Barre as we sunk into rushed Plie's and Releve's. I rolled my eyes, ignoring the sound of the creaking wood under my slipper clad feet. "I'm not heartless, Tiana. I just guard my heart tenderly, because unlike you, I have no desire to fall in love every other month."

Tiana gasped, and paused midway to the floor, with her hands above her head, gripping the white metal Barre tightly. "I do not fall in love every month, Keila. You're just jealous because I know what love is. You're so cold that you completely run away from it, and deliberately break hearts instead of endorsing them."

I laughed aloud, pushing away from the Barre and pushing myself up on pointe, appreciating the sound of the leather straining with the curved position of my feet. "Tiana?"


"Shut the fuck up." I extended my left leg, and performed a series of Pirouettes, spotting myself in the mirror before carelessly dropping onto the floor, and scooting over to a bare pink wall.

"Well that was rude," She grumbled, tripping over a loose shoe strap. Tiana stopped abruptly, taking a seat next to me and bending over to struggle with her worthless Pointe Shoes. I'd been advising her to buy new ones for years, but her response was always something scathing along the lines of financial obstacles that I somehow never faced.

There was a brief silence as we took a few sips of water, and contemplated things that required silence. I quietly pondered what Tiana had been harassing me about for the past few hours.

Okay, So I'll admit it. I haven't the best track record in the world. I've broken a few hearts, and caused a few fights, even watched some tears shed. But I wasn't quite heartless. I was just…careless. I hadn't been able to master the idea of faithfulness, or even loyalty. I was a lose cannon, preying on weaknesses and watching the hopeless fall head over heels for me, then walking away as quickly as I'd emerged. What did that make me? A whore? A bitch? A heartbreaker? Afraid? My own insecurities and emotions were what kept me from being the person or girlfriend they all wanted me to be, while my pride and my reputation made me who I already was. Where were the sacrifices supposed to begin?

I glared into the mirror opposite me, as I took tentative sips from my Fiji water bottle. I knew I was attractive, that much was obvious. Honey brown skin, almond shaped dark eyes, and heat straightened hair that'd been pushed into a sloppy bun, I caught attention easily. I was only seventeen, but my intelligence and mind exceeded the common brackets. I was unique, I was hated. My attitude was reckless, my mouth and hands not much better. Growing up in New York City hadn't been easy, but it had molded me into something I didn't like.

My life had never been easy. My mother a single parent of three, juggling a life as a trial Attorney and a Business woman made her absences frequent, and our relationship frazzled. I was much better off than a lot of my friends when it came to money, but I had a dark past that made me bitter, angry, and damaged. And when my sister's father asked my mom to allow them to live with him for a couple of years, just to see how things went, I became lonely. The only thing I was left with was Tiana, Ballet, Policy Debate, and my drama filled nights of teenage stardom.

"What are you thinking about, honey?" Tiana patted my cheek, and played with a thick strand of hair that's fallen down from the pile that sat atop my head. I jumped up quickly, resisting her touch and walked to the window to stare out into the busy Manhattan streets.

The sun had nearly disappeared, but the streets were alive with life. The college building that our ballet studio resided in stood out sharply, the white of its brick contrasting against its colorful surroundings. Looking down, I spotted a stretch Limo near the entrance of the East Wing, where all the important conferences were held. Paparazzi flocked like birds in the winter, and smothered the entire car, only making way when Police Officials threatened them. My interest sparked, and whenever that happens, I can never ignore it. I beckoned to Tiana, and suggested we find out about all the commotion. She groaned and followed me into the locker room where we would dress, then go discover the mystery.

We snuck into the East Wing through a side door, and followed the crowd to the Entrance Hall. We should have stood out in our Juicy Couture sweats, Ugg boots, and black leotards underneath thin spring jackets, but we were ignored by the conservatively dressed adults in suits and ties. Nothing we weren't used to.

We'd bumped into a private affair, and we were becoming nervous. We shouldn't have been there; we knew we shouldn't have been there. We didn't fit in, and someone would call us out sooner or later.

A short, disturbingly pale, blond woman ran up to us and shook our hands vigorously. We glanced at each other with worry, and silently agreed that I would do all of the talking. "You're here from the Kids for Griffith organization, aren't you?"

I nodded my head in agreement slowly, silently wondering if I'd begun to dig myself into a hole.

The woman smiled broadly, and stuck two identification pins in our hands. "It's so wonderful that you've come to support our country's president. Kids like you are our future, and it's a blessing to see you out and about."

We'd walked into a presidential affair. We had passes. All we had to do was act smart, and talk like our parents always begged us to and we would be fine. No harm done. The woman walked away, and Tiana tugged on my limp arm.

"This is fucking awesome," She whispered to me, excitedly. "You know how I feel about politics!"

"Yea and you know how I feel about President Griffith," I grumbled.

"Oh, C'mon Keila! Maybe we'll get to ask him about area 51, or the Bermuda triangle—"

I snorted, "Yes, and even about the war in Rwanda, Female Genital Mutilation, and immigration. What a great idea you have, T-T."

Tiana frowned down at me, and shook her head. "You'd better not even dare to ask him that Keila Rowena Smith."

"Chill, I don't need the government snooping through my IM's."

The crowd had begun to fade into a room to our immediate left. Tiana looked at me with pleading eyes, and I rolled mine adamantly. "I'm not going in there T-T."

"Please, Keila? Just for a little while, please?"

"HELL no, Tiana. If you wanna go in there in listen to The President run his mouth about bullshit, have fun. But I'm not going in there with you."

There was a brief pause and Tiana sucked on her bottom lip thoughtfully. "Will you wait for me?"

"If you don't take too long," I answered, begrudgingly. Her being my Best Friend had its benefits. She got away with murder when it came to me.

"Yay!" She squealed, planting a glossy kiss on my cheek. I shook my head some more, and leaned against the wall, glancing around nervously.

I seriously disliked being alone and immobile, especially both at the same time. My legs ached for movement, and my mind ached for companionship. I needed to do something with myself, and quick.

I pushed away from the wall, and slung my dance bag over my shoulder. Walking towards the opposite end of the long hall, I marked a metal exit with double doors hidden in the shadows. If it weren't for the bit of light that spilled out through the crack of the doors, I wouldn't have noticed it. I walked towards the exit with earnest, thinking it was an escape from the boring and dreary hallway I'd been condemned to.

The doors opened onto one of the colleges many courtyards, and the fading sun blinded me for a moment as I stepped out into the brisk air. The doors closed behind me with an accusing slam, and I placed my hands over my eyes to shield them from the light that was directly in my face. I jumped as my free hand touched someone else's.

I spun around to my right, nearly dropping my bag and stared up at a boy with hypnotizing blue eyes, shaggy midnight-black hair, and tanned white skin. I deemed him beautiful on first sight, the complete opposite of me.

"I-I'm sorry," I mumbled out, "Am I not supposed to be out here or…"

The boy chuckled and stared into my own admiring eyes, "It's a free country, isn't it? You can stand wherever you please."

Immediately the debater in me was activated and I couldn't save myself from the snide comment I was bound to exhume. "Well, I don't know about free. Privileged, maybe. Free, arguable."

The boy laughed at me, and turned back to the position he'd been standing in before we'd spoken. "I agree. I agree whole-heartedly."

"I'm Ken," The boy said, facing me once again, and offering his significantly large, pale hand.

"I'm Barbie." Whatever could have possibly possessed me to say that is still beyond me. He laughed again, nevertheless, and I shook his hand, pretending that I hadn't embarrassed myself. "Actually, I'm Keila."

"Nice to meet you on this fine day Keila," he smiled, staring at me with those entrancing eyes once more. "Are you here for the convention?"

"No, actually," The honesty poured out of my mouth before I could stop it. What if he was a guard, or some sort of official? He could have kicked me out. None of that occurred to me when it should have. It must have been those eyes. "I just came from dance practice and noticed all the commotion, so my BFF and I decided to be nosey and see what's going on. She's inside listening to that idiot talk bullshit about shit he couldn't give two fucks about, and I'm out here, talking to you."

Ken looked down at me with amused eyes, and the blue sparkled animatedly. "Idiot talk bullshit about shit he couldn't give two fucks about?"

"Yup," I responded, leaning against the metal doors and pulling out my Sidekick.

"Could 'That Idiot' possibly be my father you're talking about?" Ken asked, pulling out his own Blackberry and typing something into it.

"No, I'm talking about The President." I answered distractedly, attempting to respond to all the messages I'd received in my absence from the AIM world.

"Ah, so you are talking about my father, then."

Instantly I dropped my phone onto the concrete and cursed as I bent down to retrieve it. "Your father is The President?"

Ken chuckled knowingly, "It's okay. I'm not gunna call Secret Services on you. I think he's an idiot too, most of the time."

"Really?" I whispered, fascinated almost. "You saying that is like seeing a UFO. I thought I was the only one."

He laughed heartily this time, smiling into my face. "I like you Keila, you're interesting. What's your screen name? I have to know everything about you by Thursday."

He was staring at me again after he'd added himself to my buddylist. "I hope you're not a psychopath. Don't go giving this out to anyone, or I'll have to have you killed. And I'll get away with it."

I stared right back into his searing eyes and my stomach gave way to the feeling I was all too familiar with. The feeling of fatal attraction, I had to take him down. "I hope you know I'm not afraid of you."

"You should be."

"Well, I'm not."

"I don't doubt you for a second." He smiled, and pushed that annoying strand of hair behind my ear, his hand lingering on my face for a brief moment. Then he disappeared between the doors, and closed them behind him.

I never let anyone touch my face, not even Tiana.

It must have been those eyes…